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Dengue Fever



O'nyong-nyong fever; Dengue-like disease; Breakbone fever

  • May 22, 2014 | Public health authorities are worried about a confluence of events set to happen soon: Brazil is suffering the world’s worst epidemic of Dengue Fever  with 1.4 million cases last year. And the country is about to play host to the World Cup, which attracts tourists by the millions.

    Officials fear some will carry the virus back to their home countries, where it can be spread if they are bitten by mosquitoes from the genus Aedes.

  • December 6, 2013 Dengue Case | Chikungunya in the French part of the Caribbean isle of Saint Martin two cases confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test performed by the French National Reference Centre for arboviruses in Marseille.

    Chikungunya is a viral disease that is rarely fatal and is transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. Symptoms of chikungunya include high fever and headache, with significant pains in the joints (ankles, wrists), which can persist for several weeks. The symptoms appear between 4 and 7 days after the patient has been bitten by an infected mosquito. The name, chikungunya derives from a word in Makonde language roughly meaning “that which bends up”, reflecting the physique of a person suffering from the disease.

  • In the absence of specific treatment and an effective human vaccine, preventive measures are based on a dual strategy:

    • raising awareness of the risk factors for chikungunya infection as well as the protective measures individuals can take to prevent mosquito bites;
    • stopping the proliferation of mosquitoes by reducing their breeding grounds.

    This is the first time that locally acquired transmission of chikungunya has been detected in the WHO Americas Region.


  • Dengue Epidemic in Pakistan | Four types of Dengue where mosquitoes thrive both inside and outside of homes. Watch the video. Some remedies suggested. Always keep homes and yards clean of open water containers.
  • Dengue Fever Prevention Treatment | A forum where members may post basic information about this disease. The epidemic in Pakistan will continue as humidity and temperature rise.


  • Management and Prevention of Dengue Fever | A 2010 report on the cyclical nature of Dengue Fever. 2000 million may be affected around the world where some may show signs of the disease and others may not, but just be carriers. Learn about the Dengue Homeopathic Nosode trial in Delhi, India and the dramatic results.
  • Dr Mahboob's Dengue Approach | Dengue fever cannot be passed directly from one infected person to another. Instead, the virus responsible for dengue fever requires an intermediate vector, a mosquito, which carries the virus from one host to another. A set of 8 different homeopathic remedies may be called upon for this disease which has no vaccine.
  • The Dengue Factor | Dr Usmani has contributed more to the knowledge base of this disease and says we have a lot more to learn.
  • Dengue Fever and Homeopathic Treatment | Eupatorium-per is the most common and useful remedy, this remedy contains almost all the main symptoms of dengue, like fever, headache, muscle & joint pains, pain feels as if bone will break.
  • A Case of High Grade Fever | With Normal Laboratory Findings where homeopathy helped. Not dengue but to remind all readers and practitioners that taking a full case and individualizing the remedy is most important.
  • Intermittent Fever Cured Case | Another case of fever that shows repertorization.
  • March 2014 | Thailand: Homeopathic medicines had been given to Sing Buri volunteer students from kindergarten to lower-secondary level in a 2012-13 trial and it yielded satisfactory results, said Dr Jakkriss Bhumisawasdi, director of the Inspector-General Region 4 Bureau of Inspection and Evaluation. The number of dengue fever cases in Sing Buri have gone down, taking its rankings from No 67 in the country (with one death) in 2011 to No 76 in 2012. As there was a nationwide dengue fever outbreak in 2013, Sing Buri reported the country's lowest prevalence at 44.95 per 100,000 population. 

    Jakkriss said "homeopathy" was safe and low-cost and had been used in various countries including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, the United States, Australia, India and Malaysia. Pilot project Next, the system of medicine would be implemented in Region 4 Bureau's seven other provinces: Nakhon Nayok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Ayutthaya, Lop Buri, Sara Buri and Ang Thong.

    If this one district per province pilot project went well, they would consider implementing it across the country. Sing Buri Hospital paediatrician Dr Wali Suwatthika said the preparation involved dissolving Eupatorium herbal pills in drinking water. Each child would be given 3cc of this tasteless water every three months.

    The trial, which began in July 2012, covered 4,250 children in Muang district and only four of them developed mild dengue fever in one year, while seven out of the district's 2,856 remaining kids who didn't get the medicine had dengue fever, in a more severe condition.  Thailand reported 150,934 dengue fever patients last year, double the previous year's number, and 133 deaths. As there is no vaccine for dengue fever, the Public Health Ministry used a combination of several measures, including the eradication of mosquito larva incubation grounds and a campaign for people to install mosquito nets.source:

Photo credit: By Rebecca-Lee

Nutritionals for blood clots

When blood hardens and sticks to artery walls and veins it can block circulation of oxygen rich blood to the tissues.

These nutritional foods have  anticoagulant properties that prevent blot clots from forming.

Garlic helps prevent blood clots, and decreases bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. The University of Maryland Medical Center attributes this property to allicin.

Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is found as a naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamin in wheat germ, sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, safflower oil, mangoes and spinach.

Fish Oil found in fatty fish like tuna, halibut and salmon contain omega-3 fatty acid has anticoagulant properties which is responsible for body functions, development and growth and help prevent blood clotting and other heart conditions.  Fish oil also lowers high blood pressure and triglyceride levels, and treats atherosclerosis.


NIH | NIH scientists discover how dengue virus infects cells
To infect a cell, the dengue virus, binds to the cell membrane. The virus is then enveloped in the membrane, which coalesces around the virus, forming a pouch-like structure called an endosome. Deep inside the cell, the endosome membrane acquires a negative charge, which allows the virus to fuse with the endosomal membrane and release genetic material into the cell’s interior.

Philippine Online Chronicles | Growing concern over dengue. 

WHO Fact Sheet

The Hindu Eupatorium for Bone Break Fever


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