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I can't tell you how many years I've been reading Miranda's articles in "Homeopathy Today" the official National Center for Homeopathy magazine, but it's been many decades. Miranda has been a practicing homeopath for 30 years and teaching for about that long.



Lip Balm

Man oh man! I use this lip balm every single day with or without lipstick.


You know it's good. What's in it?  A blend of all these great ingredients:  Shea butter, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Neem oil, Aloe vera extract, Calendula extract, Manuka honey (organic) and Manuka oil. Can you think of anything better? Nothing was left out. 

There are no preservatives, no fragrances or flavorings, no cheap fillers and no lanolin. There are no petrochemicals either (paraffin or mineral oils). These create a primary 'oil slick' and cause a secondary drying effect that necessitates the use of more and more of the product.


When I met her at this year's Joint National Conference in Virginia, I got to hug an old friend. Because I love her specially designed homeopathic creams, I wanted to share them with my friends. What would be better than a special discount for you as a way to introduce the variety of creams now available.

Extended Summer Discount Code ~>> HWB12

When you go to her website and click on the shop you can enter the Code "HWB12" as a special gift for a reduced price of 10% off. The special discount has been extended from August 31, 2012 to December 2012. I welcome your comments and feedback.

Scar Cream

You will find the scar cream enriching for many applications, especially since she has just come out with a larger size product. She created this combination especially for stretch marks after pregnancy or surgery.

Cell Salts

A brand new line of bone strengthening cell salts have arrived. Please stay tuned because Miranda will be our guest on the Health Inn Show on December 3, 2012. Miranda created this proprietary combination of low potency salts for the temporary relief of weak bones, hair, nails and teeth. These cells continually grow and we feed them nutritionally with organic foods and use the biochemical cell Schuessler's salts to supplement, support and tone the body's healing.

The main bone strengthening salts include calcarea fluorica for elasticity and strength to weakened veins, muscles, skin, teeth, bones and joints. Calcarea phosphorica restores tone and boosts nutrition to weakened or growing bones and teeth. Silica strengthens weakened hair and nails and supports growing bones and teeth in young people. 


You would love this Cell Salt Booster for:

  • Babies whose teeth are slow to come in and/or where the enamel is thin.
  • Children at any age who are 'wrung out' during or after a growth spurt. 
  • Growing pains in children of any age.
  • Pregnant, newly delivered or nursing mothers. 
  • Before, during or after menopause to enhance bone health. 
  • After a fracture (at any age) to help a broken bone to heal. 
  • Those who are aging (including the elderly) with osteoporosis.


Joint Cream

Miranda Castro's Healing Cream for Muscles or Joints is for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with pain due to inflammation, injury or deterioration of muscles, tendons and/or joints.

The wonderful new pump packaging keeps the contents free from contamination in a large, easier to use size. This tube is transparent so you can always see how much you have left.

Apply this non-sticky or greasy cream and rub in gently. You will enjoy the fragrant, smooth, light and easily absorbed joint cream. The homeopathic ingredients are in the lowest of potencies to make them safe and effective and compatible with constitutional homeopathy.


Need to keep Helios arnica cream handy when traveling. Keep a jar in your car. This gentle, topical application prepared from organically grown Arnica plants with essential oils of Geranium and Lavender will smell good and sooth little ones and adults alike. Traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of bruises and injuries to soft tissue, Arnica cream is an essential item for the first aid cabinet.

Calendula cream from our sweet marigold will gently sooth irritated skin. This topical application prepared from organically grown Calendula plants contains essential oil of Lavender. Useful for sore, dry, chapped skin, nappy rash and other minor abrasions.

Rhus Tox and Ruta blends two homeopathic ingredients along with essential Ginger oil. Traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of arthritic rheumatic aches and pains, this cream may also aid the healing
of sore or damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments and is a useful
addition to the sports bag.

Urtica and Calendula blended together along with essential oils of Roman Chamomile and Lavender produce a soothing topical application useful in the treatment of minor burns, urticaria, eczema and other eruptions where there is intense itching and burning of the skin. Great to keep in the kitchen drawer for immediate relief of stinging pains when you've come in contact with a toxic plant in the garden or a burn on the stove.

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