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Welcome Homeopathic Practitioner, Student and Health Care Provider:

You have arrived here because you are ready to purchase a license to use the CompleteDynamics Software Program.


Provide the necessary information and you are ready to go.


Remember these are the steps in the process to use the program:

1) Go to CompleteDynamics website to download the program


2) Write down your  License Number [6-digits] which can be found  can be found under Menu / Help / User and license.

You must enter this License Number into the message when making payment

to make a smooth and quick transaction.


3) Make a payment here


4) HWC will reply with your personal identification license for using the practitioner version at the time length selected. Your program will automatically be updated on every new upgrade.


No Holiday Specials At This Time: Still The Best Price


License Time Period
Enter 6-Digit License Code
Enter Street Town State Country


Complete Dynamics - Version 15.3 released: MARCH 2015
This new version contains a very important new feature, that you might easily miss if you are not aware of its existence. We call it Materia Medica Quick View.
With the Materia Medica Quick View, you can very easily get a quick overview of a remedy in several MM books.

An example:
Selecting another remedy is extremely easy: Just click on a remedy anywhere in the Book, Find, or Analysis module, or select a remedy in the MM module. A single click is all that you need!

You can show the Materia Medica Quick View with a menu option in the View menu, or with the popup menu on a remedy name. A new window opens, that remains open until you explicitly close it. You can position this window anywhere you want, and always have your Materia Medica available.

What else is new in version 15.3:

New Materia Medica: Pharmacokinship - Homeopathic Remedy Relations. Many thanks to Smita and Nisanth Nambison for kindly offering the free use of this very practical book.

Materia Medica: Corrections for several Materia Medica books.
Repertory: Updated translations for several languages.
Several fixes for non-critical problems.
We highly recommend you to upgrade to version 15.3. If downloading does not start automatically when you start Complete Dynamics, you can always get the latest version from our website!


New release Complete Dynamics version 13.2 on January 4, 2013

  • Complete Repertory 2013 official release.
  • Improved analysis formula. In the standard analysis, extra importance is given to remedies that cover more of the patient's symptoms.
  • Updated repertory translations for RussianFrench and Dutch.
  • Search option in the Help module.
  • In the User and License section, your gender and dr. title can be indicated.
  • Solved some problems in printing of analysis diagrams.

For Complete Repertory 2013 the work last year has been:

  • Updating the material with the additions from various Bönninghausen Repertories and creating a new German repertory built up out of this material (to be released later this year).
  • Many corrections where again made and some text was streamlined, especially the phthisis, scrofulosis rubrics where homogenised into tuberculosis.
  • Some English text was also improved using the original German material.
  • Some materia medica was completely added, esp. kali phosphoricum from Allen's Encyclopedia.


September 15, 2012 Update Announcement

As you know, all new versions available immediately for all users

of this program without additional cost. That's the beauty of this system.

  • New Materia Medica:
    - C.M. Boger, A synoptic key of the Materia Medica.
    - A.C. Cowperthwaite - A Textbook of Materia Medica.
  • French Materia Medica:
    - E.A. Farrington - Matière Médicale Clinique.
    - E.B. Nash - Leaders in homeopathic therapeutics.
    - J.P. Gallavardin - Les Remèdes Psychiatriques.
    - B. Mure - Pathogénésie brésilienne.
  • German Materia Medica:
    - S. Hahnemann - MM from Chronische Krankheiten.
    - S. Hahnemann - Reine Arzneimittellehre.
  • Materia Medica languages can be selected in the Preferences.
  • User can select which analyses are shown in the List layout, and in which order (Preferences settings).
  • Significant faster start-up of program.
  • Significantly reduced memory usage when using another repertory language than English.
  • Updated repertory translation for Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Dutch.
  • In the Analysis table layout, it is now possible to show only those remedies that are actually counted in the result (Preferences setting).
  • Jump To field is automatically filled when a rubric in the Book module is selected.
  • Remedy filter in Book module and Analysis module, option Other. The remedies in Families and Groups are shown in the selection dialog.
  • Several changes to improve intuive use.

Not yet ready to purchase? Read a little more here

See example of page using CompleteDynamics for rubrics



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