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Dear Homeopaths and Healers:

  • You have found the right place to try out the CompleteDynamics Homeopathic Computer Program or to make your purchase today.


  • My testimonial for the ease of use, reliability, support and inclusion of many features excels beyond any other program. I just downloaded and reinstalled in a few minutes and surprised myself how easy it was to accomplish this task.


  • I have been using this program for four years and watched the continual development of the product with automatic upgrades downloaded to my computer without having to be a computer expert.

  • New books and features added almost monthly to make your program fully functional.  

Complete Repertory 2014 on your computer.

  • BROWSER EDITION | Yes! You can try the program out for free on your browser. Whether you are a student, practicing homeopath, veterinarian homeopath or learned homeopath you must have this program on your computer.  The full book, with powerful search functions comes with the trial.  What system do you use? We have it for MacOs, Windows, and Linux.

  • PRACTITIONER EDITION | The Practitioner Edition contains additional modules for Case Management, Analysis and Materia Medica. I like to save my cases right on my computer and find them easily when I open the program. Besides the powerful browsing and searching facilities, the Practitioner Edition enables you to do professional analysis of your cases every time you see the patient or get a phone call. Your references remain at your fingertips. With this resource you can read and study the the entire Complete Repertory in multiple languages, manage patient case files, and perform analysis.

  • STUDENT EDITION | Students of homeopathy who still have at least 6 months study before they graduate can use the Practitioner Edition for a reduced price.
  • Complete Dynamics - Student discount policy |   

To apply for this special price offer, the rules are:

  1. Before buying, send an email to
    and let us know you want to buy with the student offer.
    • Write the name of the school where you study and when you plan to graduate.
    • Attach a copy of a document proving that you are a student.

  2. We will confirm whether or not you will be eligible for student discount.
    If your request is declined there will be no discussion.

  3. To buy a 1-year subscription and receive a use-license please write to us at and we will provide an invoice.

  4. After making your purchase, send an email and you will receive your license information.
  • If you have already made a regular purchase and you are still a student with 6 months
    until graduation you can apply for the student discount only up to one month after
    your purchase.
  • Please contact us for other options if you are part of a group of students. For further questions, please email us at

DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM | To download Complete Dynamics, visit the downloads page. The CompleteDynamics is not available on Compact Disk CD or any other method.

About the CompleteDynamics Project |  This exciting project was created by two remarkable people:

  • Roger van Zandvoort (1958) Roger has dedicated his life to creating the best homeopathic repertory in the world.
  • Edwin van Grinsven (1959) Edwin has a professional background in software development of over 25 years. He runs a private practice in homeopathy since 1998.



Product Prices

  • Practitioner 5 years € 360.00
  • Practitioner 1 year € 120.00
  • Practitioner 6 months € 66.00
  • Student 2 year € 100.00
  • SCNM Student 3 year € 100.00
  • Trial 1 month free
  • All rates provided in Euros.
    Please use the currency converter exchange rate tool below.
  • You will be very satisfied with your purchase.


Use the currency converter below to check the amount in your country.
Prices are listed in Euros above for each item.


Purchase from HWC Here for special discount rate

See example of page using CompleteDynamics for rubrics

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