dr israr ul haque


hussanabdal punjab


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i am ahomoeophysician.praticing homoeopathy since 1986.
Check which applies. I . . .
am a homeopath
What is your vision for the future of homeopathy
i am working for scientific homoeopathy
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I want to promote homeopathy, I want to meet like-minded people, I want to learn more about homeopathy, I want to find an expert homeopathy, I want to advocate for homeopathy, I want to learn how to market my skills, I want to join a local community of homeopaths, I want to be involved with the homeopathic community at large
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i am fulltime homeoepath practicing classical homoeopathy has written and compiled 20 books on homoeopathy.for free books of renowned homeopaaths visit.http://sites.google.com/site/drisrarshomoeoclinics/
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during my pratice i have cured hundreds incurrable.so homoeopathy has changed many lives by my hands.
What are your interests besides homeopathy? Inquiring minds want to know.
fiction poetry novels cricket hockey films song history current affairs
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  • Dr. Faisal Afaaq

    My Great dr israr ul haque,

    i know you have died,  but you are in my heart, i love you like a child, becoz you were my teacher, you were my peace and deep happiness of heart.

    Aah you died. 

    i am praying for your soul, Plz god take him in beautiful place, aameen.

    i prayed you here

    Becoz i found you here

    then you came to in my mind

    So whenever in my life you will come to in my mind,

    i shall pray for you.

    May god you bless, May god you bless, may god you bless


    Great Dr israr ul haq alsuhrwardi hussan abdaal.