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K C Chandran Nambiar

Dialectical Homeopathy - Science & Research


Dialectical Homeopathy - Science & Research

Contribute your ideas for a revolutionary re-building of HOMEOPATHY based on a rational and a scientific foundation. Discuss science and research as the basis of homeopathic medicine.

Location: Kannur, Kerala
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Welcome to Dialectical Homoeopathy

Spelled commonly "Homeopathy" and formally "Homoeopathy" it is still the same - a pure and sure way of healing.

This is a group of Homoeopaths willing to contribute their ideas for a revolutionary re-building of HOMOEOPATHY on a rational and scientific foundation, emancipating this great therapeutic art from clutches of unscientific, metaphysical and vitalistic ideologies. We call this emerging science as DIALECTICAL HOMOEOPATHY, since this rebuilding is achieved with the help of the theoretical tools of dialectic methodology.

In this modern era of scientific thought, we can no longer proceed further ahead with Homoeopathy, without the help of a well proven and universally acceptable scientific methodology. We can no longer hope to depend upon certain set of somewhat mysterious quotations and philosophical speculations inherited from our great masters. It is very important that Homoeopathy has to be first of all dealt with as a subject of science, not as a religion or metaphysics. Essentially, the principles of Homoeopathy have yet to achieve the right to be recognized as part of modern medical science. To begin with, it has to attain acceptability among the modern scientific community, at least in terms of a rational methodology and vocabulary.

Human knowledge develops and unfolds itself through a never ending dialectic process of simultaneous assimilation and negation of history. It is impossible for anybody to proceed with his intellectual quest without drawing resources from the treasures of knowledge amassed by the by-gone generations. Obviously, no genius can totally overcome the objective limitations imposed upon him by the space-time context of his life and activities. Development of human knowledge should be percieved in relation with this objective framework of historical evolution. Man knows today much more than he knew yesterday. Certainly he would know infinitely more tomorrow, than what he knows today. The knowledge of yesterdays, however great they might have been, were much incomplete than that of today. Tomorrow, human knowledge would be definitely more expansive and more inclusive than that of today. The basis of scientific perspective of history lies in realizing this fundamental truth.

We should never forget the objective historical context of 18th century Germany, where Samuel Hahnemann lived and developed his novel therapeutic system. Two hundred and more eventful years have passed since it happened. It is not to be seen as a sin to say that his thoughts and propositions were definitely confined by the limitations imposed by the infantile level of science and technology then existed there. Even though the therapeutic system he developed is capable of transcending the boundaries of centuries to come, it would be unfair to try to evaluate his achievements and contributions detatched from his objective time-space framework.

I hereby invite you to join this group, and contribute your ideas in this great effort. I also request you to invite your fellow homoeopaths also, thereby making this endeavour a success. Please post your suggestions and opinions on the subject regularly

K C Chandran Nambiar

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Started by Harilal U. Gangar Dec 31, 2010. 0 Replies

 Attached pl. find paper published in "International Journal for Pharma. Research and Review" and also presented in 'XVII All India Homoeopathic Congress' for favor of your information. …Continue

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Remarks on Dialectical Homeopathy

Started by Rinaldo Octavio Vargas. Last reply by Rinaldo Octavio Vargas Nov 18, 2010. 1 Reply

RINALDO OCTAVIO VARGAS’ REMARKS ON DIALECTICAL HOMEOPATHY The denomination “Dialectical Homeopathy” Definitively, to talk about “emerging vision or version of homeopathy” or to denominate an…Continue

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Definitions of Terms: Disease, Drug, Cure

Started by Heidi Stevenson. Last reply by Jonathan Lawrence Jul 5, 2010. 7 Replies

Before we get far down the discussion path here, I would strongly suggest we define terms. Otherwise, people will be talking about different things without even realizing it.As Jonathan Lawrence…Continue

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Dialectical Materialism & Homoeopathy

Started by Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury. Last reply by Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury May 20, 2010. 2 Replies

Dialectical Science is the most moderan Scientific method to stublised any subject & fact. Homeopathy is mostly similar with this science. Dr. Harimohan Chowdhury of Kolkata, India, written many…Continue

Understanding Language: Lionel Milgrom and Scientific Terminology

Started by Debby Bruck. Last reply by Heidi Stevenson May 15, 2010. 7 Replies

Thank You Lionel For Your Outstanding ContributionsIt isn't splitting hairs when people use terms improperly. People ought to know that labeling work with one term or another can make a huge…Continue

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research and clinical trials

Started by Gina Tyler DHOM. Last reply by Gina Tyler DHOM Apr 26, 2010. 1 Reply



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