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Hi to All I just become a member of the HWC, I am exited to be part of this big organization and share with friends and colleagues around the globe. I want to thank Dr. Floyd for invite me to join the group.

I would like to participate in “Wellness Mission to heal the planet “please keep posted.

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The last time I posted to this group was about 6 months ago but I got distracted, so since Dr. Floyd asked me to re-join the group I've been reading up on all the posts.  The discussions have been really good, with different ideas that I couldn't have foreseen.  When people with differing backgrounds and ideas get together who knows what solutions will come about.


So, what IS going on?  As a classical homeopath, I'm continuing my work in healing one person at a time.  I'm also committed to eradicating autism as a disability. Some of my clients are on the spectrum, but I would like to reach more. 


One issue for me is vaccine damage, which many people think is at the heart of the surge in autism.  Homeopathic remedies have been used as prophylaxis against infectious diseases since belladonna was used for scarlet fever in Hahnemann's time, as I recall.  There's a lot of controversy about homeopathic prophylaxis, but a 15-year study by Isaac Golden indicates that children that went through his program of homeopathic prophylaxis were healthier than those who only had constitutional homeopathic treatment.  I think this is worth a closer look so I'm prepared to supervise in the HP study that Kate Birch has begun (


I hope all group members will update everyone on what they're doing to heal the planet, especially as far as autism.




There is much going on around the world. Please everyone keep us informed as to what going on in your part of the world especially as it may pertains to health and healing!!


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