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My co-worker's dog is an older female/spayed and needed her bedding changed a couple of times a day due to urine leakage.  My co-worker had been using HomeoPet Leaks No More with great success, ran out two weeks ago and never bought more of this product.  Well......back to changing her bedding. 


Planto Major - 6c&30c
Gelsemium Sempervirens 6c&30c
Cantharis - 6c&30c
Causticum - 6c&30c
Alumina - 6c&30c in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

1 - 20 lbs/10kg, 5 drops
20 - 100 lbs/10-50kg, 10 drops
Over 100 lbs/50 kg, 15 drops


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If the dog is getting carbohydrates in her diet, you might suggest removing them, since they can be an obstacle to cure. Urinary incontinence is often related to elevated blood sugar, and of course that comes from carbohydrate consumption for the most part - though stress and lack of exercise can contribute. Eliminating carbs is an easy thing to do, and will improve health in other areas as well. Be sure she is getting enough fat from good sources like meat fat or butter.
Mary Marlowe (I treat mostly people, but live with a large number of dogs).
Thx for your reply, Mary. I will pass this on to my co-worker.


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