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Animals/pets and the use of homeopathics.

What a perfect example of "HOW HOMEOPATHY WORKS"-
proven to "NOT" be a mere placebo.

When we use homeopathic remedies on animals and babies we are not controlling the outcome ,homeopathy is doing all the work as true medicine is supposed to.

Skeptics cannot argue with this obvious fact that homeopathy works to cure sick animals.

This is the perfect forum to place your cases/discussions to prove the Anti-homeopathic blogger/ skeptics that homeopathics works.
Please add your own stories-------------------

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Hi, I have two wonderful stories of Homeopathy healing both my cats.

Firstly, Boo, was extremely sick, getting worse every day. Even though we took his case in my Homeopathic Class it took some time to get the remedy. The day that we gave it too him, he wasn't eating or drinking and couldn't focus. Within 3 hours of receiving Iodum (he had hyper-Thyroid but also fitted nicely to the remedy) he was walking, drinking, eating and resting. A few weeks later I gave him a second dose and he formed a huge abscess under his chin. Twice more this happen, and he lived another six much more happy months, before passing very peacefully (within 24hrs of a dose).

Secondly, Tiga, a very small kitten at the time, had a paralysis Tick (they kill many animals every year in Australia), her breathing was very laboured and she was not moving. Within 5 hours and 4 doses of Ixordes (Tick) she was climbing the walls & meowing to get out of the house. If she was taken to a Vet they would have said she was too far gone to help.

As a first year Homeopathic student these healings helped me believe and be amazed at the power of the remedies.
Hello all,
I am an alopathy educated veterinarian. I studied at the National Autonomous University of México, and I was once myself a great skeptic. Now I have seen a lot of cured cases after 10 years of homeopathic practice. I have witnessed very logical reactions of the animals, and of course I have had some failures that I think are atributable to me rather than to homepathy.
Once a friend of mine, a pediatrician, was explaining to a group of friends how important the placebo effect was "supporting" my kind of therapy. After he finished I said: "Okay, I agree, but could you explain it to the dog, or better to the cat?"
End of comment.I have treated:
Dogs, cats, canaries, a nightingale, ferrets, and a horse.
I can testify it works.
Greetings from Mexico.
I’ll tell you a really short story, I like short story's ;) My oldest daughter got a goldfish when she was little (called sushi -I know a bit sarcastic), when the goldfish was about 5 or 6 years he cut himself very badly on a sharp stone… he couldn’t swim, he was just floating and of course we thought he was going to die! Well I put some remedies into the water and all the wounds healed. Sushi will be 13 years this year, and he is full of life and energy… It’s not the only time he has been in distress but he has always gotten remedies and got back to being himself and I never told him that he should belief in the homeopathy and remedies!!! :D -and still it works wonders!
I have also treated cat's and dog's with good results, bottom line homeopathy works... not that I ever did question that :)
The incident that propelled me to study homeopathy was the effect that Arnica had on my Standard Poodle's back injury -- she twisted her spine jumping out of the bath tub and slipped on the wet tiled floor. It was not obvious at the time that she had injured herself.
About 12 hours after the incident, she couldn't sit, only lie restlessly on the floor, her tail (always up) was hanging down miserably when she managed to stand up. It was obvious she was in trouble. I mulled over my options: take her to the vet, who would almost certainly take x-rays and give her painkillers? Suddenly, a brainstorm. I had met someone through a friend who was a homeopathic practitioner. I phoned her. Got advice. Went and bought the remedy at a health food store and followed her directions.
20 minutes later, the dog was back to her normal playful self. No indication that there had ever been anything wrong with her.
Was I convinced that homeopathy works?
You bet.
Hello all,
here is another example that would defy the placebo effect. Our dog, who is now 12 1/2 yrs old, was diagnosed with a T-cell lymphoma in March 2006. The vet took a needle biopsy of a lump under her jaw and told us that the tumour was aggressive and fast growing and that Frankie would be lucky to survive another 5 months. He suggested chemo. to be followed by radiation as palliative. We declined, and took Frankie to see a hom. vet near to where we live in Kent - England. Needless to say, Frankie's lump under the jaw can no longer be felt, she is healthy, full of energy and mischief, still jumping onto our bed to catch the east sunlight coming through the window and we are so proud of her. The pet insurance company paid for all hom. treatments, so everyone was a winner. Her allopathic vet said several times and I quote: "well...I don't understand how it works, but carry on doing what you are doing", and he asked for details of the hom. vet. Frankie's story has appeared in the ARH journal Homeopathy in Practice - Summer 2009 entitled "Homeopathy and Animal Health".
Greeting from Charing - Ashford - Kent, UK.

Hmmmmm, lots!  A few that stand out:  Horse with abscess in jaw. Surgery X2 to no avail. Left cheek the size of a watermelon. Gave Silicea 30c, 3X a day for 2 days. Abscess gone in less than a week.  Cat with abscess for 5 years. All sorts of allopathic intervention - nothing worked. Silicea, again. Abcess gone in 3 days. Never returned. Horse with repeating colic that would last for 7 days. Treated allopathically for 3 years but colic would run its course for those 7 days. Nux vomica administered - colic gone in less than an hour. Repeated again when colic returned in 6 months. Nux vomica given again. Same result - colic totally gone in less than an hour. Never returned after that. Cat hit by car with massive head injuries and what appeared to be internal. Head soft and misshapened. Teeth missing, face split, eyes rolled back and 3rd eyelid covering. Non-responsive to any sort of stimulation. Cold body. Almost non-perceptable breathing. It was late evening. No available vet to euthanize. Moved cat to warm shed. Administered Arnica montana 1m by syringe into mouth several times in the course of 2 hours. Cat still alive next morning and weakly combative. Adminsitered more Arnica (mixed in water). Later that afternoon cat had moved and had urinated. No more Arnica was given. By end of week cat was up and roaming the farm. That was 7 or 8 years ago and cat still here - completely normal.  Horses - abscess brewing in hoof. Horse completely lame. Hepar sulph 200c one dose. Abscess burst in less than 3 days. Silicea 200c then administered. Abscess completely resolved in less than 3 days after that and horse back to normal. I say 'horses', plural, as I know of over a dozen horses with same results. Older dog with Parvo. Administered Arsenicum. All symptoms relieved in 2 days. 5 mos old. Filly with juvenile warts. Thuja 10M one dose. All warts resolved in 2 weeks and all coat grown back in. Etc. etc. 

Those are just a few of many .... 

These are wonderful true stories and examples that remedies in potency heal in all kinds of animals and a variety of illness, both acute and chronic.


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