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Good Morning!  I live in the woods of New England. While it is a beautiful site to see a small herd of deer in our back or front yard I cringe at the same time. They carry those teeny, tiny ticks that attach themselves to the body in all sorts of different places and one doesn't even know until the tell-tale 'bull's eye' rash appears. I've treated horses, dogs, and other family members with Dr. Stephen Tobin's protocol of LEDUM even though this is not a 'classical' manner of homeopathic treatment. It's worked every time. 


I thought since now is the time here in New England where the ticks are becoming an issue again that I'd post his letter dated 1994:


Lyme Disease and Homeopathy
by Stephen Tobin, DVM

I am a holistic veterinarian in Connecticut and have treated several hundred cases of Lyme disease in the past five years. After trying various homeopathic preparations, with only limited success, I found that Ledum in a 1M potency is about as close as you can get in a specific cure. I have used it in dogs, cats, and horses, and it does not seem to matter whether it is a recent infection, a year old, treated or untreated -- they all respond curatively. I have not had a single case that did not improve.

While I do not treat human beings, some of my clients with animals suffering from Lyme disease have taken Ledurn 1M for their own Lyme disease infections, after seeing the positive result with their animals. The feedback I have gotten is all positive. I have told numerous naturopaths and homeopathic MDs about Ledum. One homeopathic MD runs titers on all his Lyme disease patients, both before and after treatment with Ledum, and has found that there is a constant decline in titer after Ledum.

For treatment, I give one pellet of Ledum 1M three times a day for three days. I have been using Borrellia burgdorferi 60X nosode, a homeopathic preparation, as a preventative for Lyme disease in dogs. I give orally one dose daily for one week, then one dose a week for one month, then one dose every six months. In the past four years, i have had only two dogs out of over five hundred on this regimen that might have contracted Lyme disease, both of which readily cleared with Ledum.

While there is a canine vaccine for Lyme disease, I haven't found it very effective. One vet who uses it extensively told me she feels it provides protection for about a third of the dogs receiving it. I have seen a number of Lyme disease cases in dogs starting five to six weeks after vaccination (these also resolve with Ledum). In an April 1993 letter, the Cornell Veterinary School Diagnostic Lab wrote about a study of dogs with a clear history and diagnosis of Lyme disease: 56% had antibodies as determined by the western blot test only against the vaccine, with another 32% having antibodies against the vaccine and spirochete itself. In other words, more than half had Lyme disease because of the vaccine and almost a third had Lyme disease despite the vaccine.

One breeder told me that before she started using the nosode, at least one dog and one family member would contract Lyme disease each year, but since using the nosode as a preventative (for the family and dogs), they have not had one case. Her husband was bitten twice by deer ticks last summer and developed a rash the size of a dime, whereas in the past, when he was bitten by a deer tick and subsequently developed Lyme disease, the rash was "twice the size of a half dollar."

I know a number of naturopaths who use Borrellia burgdorferi nosode as part of their treatment protocol for Lyme disease. One client, to whom I have given the nosode for her horse, took it herself and told me that the Lyme disease she had been suffering from for several years cleared up.

Reprinted by permission from
a monthly publication of the
National Center for Homeopathy
September 1994


The Homeopathic Treatment of Lymes by Peter Alex

Detailed introduction to this disease with the therapeutic possibilities and interesting reports of healed cases, in which the patients were cured for at least two years. Also contains a remedy proving of Aurum ars, which has proved to be an important remedy for borreliosis.

The publisher:
We are very pleased to present the English translation of Peter Alex´s book on the homeopathic treatment of Lyme Disease, first published in German in 2005. The importance of this work cannot be overstated. In addition to the clarity of the author?s presentation on the usefulness of Homeopathy in the treatment of Lyme disease, we also are gifted with his insight into the nature of epidemic disease, our positive interrelationship with bacteria and the trouble that may result whenever we disregard nature?s laws. Written for the homeopath as well as the lay person interested in getting to the cause of illness, this booklet contains a wealth of philosophical information as well as cogent practical advice for the treatment of Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease is a difficult to treat multi-miasmatic illness that is reaching epidemic proportions in parts of the US, Canada and Europe. German physician and homeopath Peter Alex dissects the nature and compound sources of this ailment and offers clear principles, remedies and cases dealing with its treatment using homeopathy.

The pros and cons of homeopathic prophylaxis are clearly presented, as are protocols for after-the-bite treatment.

"Lyme disease is one of the most misunderstood of modern conditions. In conventional medical circles its treatment varies considerably, often with meager results. Homeopaths should understand this complex disease state and be prepared to treat it. This book is an excellent guide. It will truly help in understanding how homeopathy can effectively cure this condition"
- Richard Pitt, RSHom, CCH

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Of course you are right I have been doing the same thing for my dogs - however - here it comes :) You have to also consider the symptoms. I have a little Papillion who came down with a severe case of Lyme, would not move cried out if I touched him, but restless and the syptoms started at night ( get it?) - could not stand but cold applications helped. Gave him Ars. 30 C - then 200 C - in three hours when we saw the Vet. to confirm diagnosis - he was walking and on the road to recovery. Gave Ars 30 C a few more times - have had no recurrence. But Ledum 1Lm is most of the time my first choice - however consider the sypmtoms first ; )

Classical prescribing ... :) 


Steve is a great homeopathic veterinarian. Unfortunately, not all of us have the same great success with Ledum. Just had a discussion in the AVH forum this week by one for whom Led has never worked. I always go for the constitutional and if I do not see enough characteristic symptoms, then I use Ledum - or if that seems to fit.  No problem with starting with it as long as you carefully take the case, quantify symptoms so you know if it is working well. 


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