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Henry is a 13 year old chestnut gelding with inveterate skin problems.

What remedy would you choose in this case?

First examined: 9th March, 1993. Presented with extensive alopecia and exfoliation of the skin of face and head. This condition was non-pruritic.

History from 4.1.93, when it was first obviously considered to be a 'problem':

14.1.93: skin/hair/swab sample: mixed bacterial growth, cell interface poor, diagnosis 'dermatosis'. Blood sample 'nothing abnormal'.

Treatments as written in referral note: Antibacterial Foam, Vetsovate, Defungit, Antibiotics, Ivermectin, Dexamethasone. Vet's bills approx. £2,000.00 to date.

Owner's notes: started in small patches, feared ringworm, gradually spread & coalesced, despite treatment. Steroids stopped during the previous week.

Had sarcoids removed, from chin and axillae, in summer 1989.

Started coughing in December 1992; prevented with dampened hay but then the skin lesions appeared.

Last vaccine dates: October 1992.

Treated homeopathically, for 'vaccinosis', commenced on 11.3.93.

First client report 26.3.93: "Miracles! Within three days bad skin started to drop off rapidly, good skin showing underneath, hair started to grow through 2-3 days later, very pleased."

Next client report 14.9.93: "Henry app

ears to have made a rapid and full recovery. You can keep the enclosed photos." (These were dated and showed a virtually 100% recovery, with full hair regrowth, within 8 weeks.)

Henry by May 1993

Next client report 26.11.93: "Henry been fine but last couple of weeks had flu/tet jab (12.11.93) and 7-10 days after that started to develop patches of hair loss on his face. Will restart homeopathic treatment and report."

23.11.93: "Recommenced homeopathy on 17.11.93. Skin of right stifle and upper leg and left chest wall feels very rough with small scabs; skin on face shows very small areas of hair loss."

1.12.93: "No further hair loss, a little bit of regrowth, but skin showing in a couple of patches where did lose hair. It is dry with small flakes."

15.12.93: "Only fine dandruff left now, rest cleared, hair all regrown."

17.12.93: "Now appears to have made a full recovery, worrying about next vaccine due May 1994. Should I ask for different brand? Has to have as competing. Had double shots in Autumn (12.10.93 & 15.11.93) as just missed annual booster date!"

Recommended a homeopathic 'vaccine buffer' for the coming May.

8.4.94: Client rang and ordered 'buffer'; vaccine booked for 9.5.94

21.6.94: "Sorry for delay in writing, vaccine buffer was 90% effective, hair on face only went a little sparse around forelock, cleared easily with a repeat of the homeopathic treatment."

Henry's case illustrates the coincidence in timing so often seen, between vaccination dates and onset of symptoms/signs. It also illustrates the futility of treatment, until the underlying immune imbalance is addressed and it shows the need for and effectiveness of the 'vaccine buffer'.


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Well, posted this in Jan and now almost a month later and no suggestions as to what remedy(ies) would be indicated in this case. Anyone? 


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