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Veterinarians & Animal Lovers

All animal lovers who care for their pets using homeopathy. Get together and talk about the latest news.

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Homeopathy For Horses by Tim Couzens

Encyclopaedic, modern and jargon-free, this guide to treating horses & ponies is written by an experienced homeopathic vet. It is laid out according to all the systems (blood, digestion etc). It covers constitutional remedies & types and the senses. There are chapters on the foal, infectious disesases, Behavioural problems and poisoning, as well as First aid & Emergency care. Plus a full equine Materia Medica.Invaluable guide for veterinary practitioners, equine therapists and horse owners.

Homeopathy as we know it today and has been practised for over 200 years and was developed by the German scientist and physician Samuel Hahnemann towards the end of the 18th century. 

The concept however, was by no means new even in Hahnemann’s day. He attributed the original theory to the Greek Hippocrates, the 5th century physician and “father of medicine” who, it is claimed, cured a patient dying in the final stages of cholera by using an extract of Veratrum album, the white hellebore. In toxic doses this highly poisonous plant causes dehydration, collapse and a potentially fatal gasteroenteritis, all symptoms that closely resemble those of cholera. Hippocrates noted that, “by similar things disease is produced, and by similar things administered to the sick, they are healed of their disease,” the principal of “like cures like” as rediscovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

The key to using homeopathic remedies successfully is to observe the patent and the patient’s symptoms in order to find the correct remedy that will then interact with the vital force and instigate the healing process. Homeopaths group these symptoms into different categories to make the task a little easier.

Local symptoms refer to a particular area of the body or organ system such as the elbow, back, eye, bladder or skin for example.

General symptoms reflect the signs shown by the patient as a whole and might include appetite, thirst, physical appearance, observation on the gait and posture, effects of hot and cold or wet and dry and how the symptoms might vary with the time of year or day.

Mental symptoms reflect the animal’s emotional or behavioural state. These might include fear, restlessness, sadness, aggressive behaviour or excitability.

It is also vital to take into account specific characteristics of some of the symptoms. For example where there is a nasal discharge you should note its colour (white, clear, green, yellow), consistency (thin, runny, thick, sticky) and odour if present.

Factors that modify the individual symptoms must also be taken into account. These are termed modalities and are divided into two categories.

-- Aggravations which make the symptoms worse
-- Ameliorations which ease the symptoms

Examples of modalities include the effect of rest or movement, the time of day and the effect of hot or cold and much more...


Homeopathic Remedy Pictures
Vicki Mathison and Frans Kusse

The 65 most important remedies in words and pictures

Vicki Mathison, already well-known for her wonderful illustrated materia medica for animals, is back – to the delight of all her fans! This time, in collaboration with Frans Kusse, author of the very popular Homeopathic Types and Children’s Types, she turns her keen eye and skilful pen towards humans, young and old.

The result is a fantastic teaching tool for budding homeopaths, who will have the rare opportunity to learn the remedy pictures with a smile, as well as a useful memory aid for the more experienced among us. The expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true.

The pen of homeopath Vicki Mathison vividly brings the 65 most common remedies to life with often hilarious pictures. Her talent for portraying humanity in all its strengths and weaknesses literally shines on
every page. With the eye of a true connoisseur, she sketches the most important characteristics, guiding symptoms, predilections and typical ailments.

The Agaricus girl with superhuman powers, the split personality of the Anacardium boy, the typical weakness of the elderly Carbo vegetabilis woman, the stringy discharges of the Kalium bichromium type, and the
fruitless bustle of the Theridion housewife – all come alive to remain forever etched in our minds.

An exhilarating and pleasurable journey through our materia medica.

”Vicki Mathisons illustrations give such lively images of the various remedy pictures, remaining engraved in our memory.“
– Deborah Collins, Homeopath

"I love the pictures – very funny, expressive and well-matched to the remedy summaries, which seem to give very useful portraits in words too. I hope the book will get the popularity it deserves – Vicki and Frans should be congratulated on an excellent joint project."    Gill Zukovskis

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