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Sounds like a great deal, "free vaccines." What do you think is going on here? They couldn't PUSH the drugs onto anyone. No one was buying. They are stuck with millions of dollars worth of goods sitting on the shelf. They are perishable and will not last long. What to do? Why don't we just give away these poisonous toxins since the people are getting smart. No one can resist a sale, can they? And, if we say it's FREE, well then surely they will be running to our door. What does it matter that these vaccinations may cause a life time worth of chronic illness and possibly death?

Who do they target? The low income families. Why? Because based upon statistical studies they have found out that it is the most educated among us who are not taking the vaccinations.

And they are also targeting young people, who perhaps are not that well educated. Young people who may be swayed by fear tactics. Young people who are healthy now, but concerned that they may be sick in the future based upon their lifestyle, nutritional habits, and sexual activities.

Someone please explain why they are giving away all of these drugs, rather than investing in improving these the low-income family education, living quarters, sanitation, sunlight, exercise facilities, organic food products, removal of drug pushers and helping them help themselves? Will the end result be that they will be addicted to more drugs from side effects? You decide. What do you think? Are the pharmaceutical companies getting a big tax write off?

GSK offers free vaccines to low-income patients

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline unveiled a new program this morning that provides free vaccines to low-income adults who lack health insurance.

The new GSK Vaccines Access Program will provide free vaccines for patients age 19 and older for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. Women ages 19 to 25 also can receive GSK;s cervical cancer vaccine.

Children through age 18 are eligible to receive free vaccines under a federally funded program called Vaccines for Children, but no similar program is in place for adults. That, according to GSK, has led to under-utilization of vaccines by adults.

"We hope to break down one of the barriers to routine vaccination, ensuring that adults have access to these important preventative measures," Deirdre Connelly, president of pharmaceuticals for North America, said in a prepared statement. The British company has its U.S. headquarters in Research Triangle Park and employs about 5,000 workers in this region.

The program will provide free vaccines to uninsured single people  over age 18 with an income of less than $27,075, or $36,425 for a couple.

For more information on the Vaccines Access Program, including information on how patients can enroll in conjunction with a health provider, go to or call 877-822-2911.

GSK produces more than 30 approved vaccines and has 20 more in development.

Last year GSK gave away $507 million worth of drugs to 466,000 U.S. patients.

In 2009 the company expanded its give-away program by permitting patients to enroll themselves; previously, patients had to enroll through a nurse or other health-care advocate.

Other drug companies also have beefed up their assistance to low-income patients. Last May Pfizer announced a program to give away up to a year's worth of free drugs to people who lose their jobs.

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Remember- GSK gets a sweet TAX WRITE-OFF for every vial of vaccine they donate to the "poor"--- follow the dollar!!!
what a shame
that too in theUS


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