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There are some who are exceedingly flexible,soft and gentle and when such are afflicted with timidity,are found to be conceding,submissive and surrendering themselves to others dictates or opinions,even if they be erroneous,non factual and illogical.These yielding people allow themselves to be doormats to be trampled upon by others and allow themselves to be subjugated beyond human norms of decency and dignity.

Often their timid nature,negates their good qualities of humility and  are unable to express themselves their views freely,clearly and forces them to unwilling compliance to others demands and suffer displeasure inwardly,in silence.These persons are found to be vacillating in their mental stances and often found seeking opinions from other people,which strongly opinionated persons take advantage of  and subjugate them to the extent of tyranny.

Likely Remedies: Lyc,Puls, Sil.

Bach Remedies:Centaury,Cerato.(These types become victims to Vine types,who are dogmatic and dominant)

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Yielding has a lot of remedies in it, so it is a pretty common expression used by patients. According to my Synthesis, the main remedies are:

Carb-v (exhausted, unable to assert themselves due to the severe depletion)

Lac-c (see themselves as inferior to everyone, like a dog they must submit)

Puls (soft and vaccilating, unable to stick to decisions, use their submissiveness to actually get what they want)

Thuj (afraid to allow others to see what they are like inside so they go along with what others want)

Zinc (mind is feeble, weak, tired, like Carb-v unable to fight )


In children Cuprum is also listed as a main remedy, but I have never seen a case like this - usually the exact opposite. I have seen it very often in Carcinosinum children though which connects to their fear of punishment.

Marvelous. Learning to understand "yielding" and the need to do so yields a number of different remedies.

Trust this mail finds you hale and hearty and I thank for throwing more light on other remedies,Carcinosinum adults too some times have been known to be yielding because of their extremely amiable nature.

Nice article Thanks For sharing, Cross References which should also be read with this rubric are:

1. Comply


3.Pleasing desire

4.Too polite


6. Will weakness



I think when we think about Yielding disposition we should also understand the expressions and the base both about it. we should take into account three more important facet which come with Yieldind , i.e , MILD< GENTLE AFFECTIONATE.

We know Lyco yields as he is Hard for the inferiors and soft for the superiors.It means he would be mild,genlte where the person in front of him is of a higher grade. Lyco is also an Ambitious fellow. In repertory we can see Lyco in Ambition, increased, means employed, every possible.So to get his acievement at times Lyco yields or be mild and affectionate, we have in ABRUPT,affectionate,yet rough.

PULSATILA- Puls is the personality which Absorbs affection. To get love puls always remain yielding.


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