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The rubric meaning, "writing, aversion, to" could be interpreted as a dislike, disinclination, or hatred to write. We can think of more reasons before jumping to conclusions. Aversion to write could be due to laziness, writer's cramps, excessive sweating of palms, or wetting the paper or note book. W must look into the causation or aetiology.

Sometimes parents may remark, "my child does not mind reading for hours, but he needs to write homework or make notes of what he reads by writing for better understanding and recall of the concepts he reads, but he won't do that, in spite of repeated advise. " In this case, one needs to ascertain that the child really has an aversion to write and that he has no aetiology adversely affecting or preventing his ability, skill and capacity to write.

One needs to assess whether a child's aversion to writing is only with regard to  studies; because if children are forced into studies, leading to careers which he or she does not want or like, then this aversion to write can develop.

Also, some like to write on subjects of their choice such as stories or articles of their interest: poetry, drama, music, movie, travel, fashion, sport etc., but do not not like to write on or about subjects of their studies, which they have been forced to select out of parental compulsions.

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Dear Dr Vydyanath - You make some very good points on this rubric. Don't forget that even adults may have an aversion to write and we must look more deeply into the reasons why they feel this way. You have given a list of potential reasons. I'm sure others can add more. 

Also a different sort of aversion to write is arising in our electronic age,as we find ourselves using more of e mail/e texting to our old mails where we needed envelops,post card,inland letter,stamps,paper,pen/pencils etc.This art of old school of writing should not be lost.How to safeguard it ?May be a course in graphology in primary or secondary schools,will not only save extinction but also tend to create responsible citizen,through willful correction in slants,strokes etc which graphology envisages.


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