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Understanding Rubrics of mind: CONFORMISM : A person who uncritically or habitually conforms to the customs, rules, or styles of a group is known as Conformist, Means that conformist has adopted the customs and rules of that belief or group so much so that he does not wish to come out of that, wants no change, He becomes Dogmatic and often seen he imposes that belief on his near and dear ones. He Is too proper in his acts & do all the activities regarding the group or belief so meticulously that he gets disconnected from the outer world, And thinks whatever he is doing is correct and precise. Remedies under this rubrics are: Kali carb, Kali bich, Cocc c. What is your understanding for this rubric please share.

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Does a person actually use this word in the case-taking? One might call himself or herself a conformist and the example is given, "He was too much of a conformist to wear anything but a suit" This might be considered traditionalist, conservative, stickler, formalist, diehard, reactionary; informal stick-in-the-mud, stuffed shirt.

While the opposing personality type will be considered eccentric or even a rebel.

It is difficult that he will admit that he is a conformist, but on Indirect questioning about his life style, thoughts, desires and aversions we can easily make it out. If one is a conformist beyond the limits, then it is sure pathology will emerge. He may become eccentric, he may suffer from OCD with many sorts of delusions and may become depressive also.
It would be interesting to list as many clues and behaviors that illustrate a conformist.
CONFORMISM is closely related to be " Fear of betrayed  being"
Please illustrate this will be learning. Thanks

How do you like this thought by Colin Wilson? "The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain."  Does this say that there is nothing a person can do about the inevitable turn of nature? We can compare to the citizens of Japan today. 

I have just posted that although we might consider the Japanese people stoic and taking hardship with a stiff upper lip, with most conforming to the consensus of acceptable behavior, today, most surprisingly, people will not stand in the rain of radiation sitting down. No! Individuals, and community leaders who do not trust the government rhetoric about the safely levels from Fukushima have taken into their own hands dosimeters to report radiation levels and make waves! 

Dear members

All these comments make a conformist look like a negative person, which he / she by the mere definition is not.

A "conformist" is a person who follows "A Rule, Principle",

Every homoeopath is a homoeopath because he / she conforms to the rules and principles when taking the case, selecting the remedy, uses the remedies.

This is a positive quality.

So weather conforming to X, Y ,Z is a positive or negative  quality is not determined, by the act of conforming to it, but rather by the rule / principle itself.

There is a proper time and place to behave in an appropriate manner. Thus, every behavior can have its appropriate situation. Anger can be justified as an emotion as an appropriate response, "to act" out of anger may not be justified, because this may be deemed 'insanity.' Conforming when everyone needs to be on the same page can be seen as a unifying quality. Non-conforming when brainstorming on new ideas will move the group forward. Even laughter can have its appropriate time and place situations. [hyos] Repertories do not place judgement calls on observational behaviors. They simply are what they are and noted down in relation to catalyst or response to medicines, drugs, and remedies.
Conformism I understand as, To behave in a conventional way, accepting cusmtoms, traditions, prevailing openions without questions.

Democracy itself lends some credence to conformism but this conformism has element of flexibility,touch of pragmatism and it is these elements that makes democracy viable and alive.When conformism gets disassociated with flexibility and pragmatism and has no built in mechanism for self correction and adaptation to needed changes,it becomes negative and stifles progress,seeds of disharmony,discontent and stress are sown and one tends to be more dogmatic,not only self imposing but also imposing his beliefs and values over others,paving the way for disconnect with reality


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