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In some disorders of the skin which are generally disturbs beauty of an Individual & also if there is a big chronic disappointment in the life of a person, the following state of disposition & mind is expressed commonly.

  1. Ailments from, Disappointment, deception, old: NAT-M
    Disappointment means fails to meet the expectations, hopes, desires & generally sadness develops as a result of it.
    Deception means the act of deceiving or cheating.
    An ailment means an illness.
    When disease is expressing on the Patient’s face or in his or her personality due to some old, long standing disappointment or if someone has cheated this person, one should definitely consider this rubric.
    Generally Physician can get the cause from the patient or attendant.
  2. Absorbed, buried in thought, Become of him, as to what would: Nat-m
  3. Thoughts, Himself, about, Become of him, what would: Nat-m
    Absorbed means deeply involved. Buried in thought means as if covered with earth; meaning deeply involved in the thoughts. As to what would become of him means due to such disappointment or deception or illness what will be the future of him.
    Such thoughts get crowded in such personalities & they look depressed. State of despair is expressing on their face. They look like as if in their own world & never understand what is happening around them.
  4. Answer, answering, answers, Reluctantly, Physician, to: Nat-m
    Answer means to say something in return when questioned. Reluctantly means unwillingly. Physician means the person who is having knowledge of human being & their diseases & who treats the diseased individual.
    Generally, these people are so disturbed & depressed either due to their disappointment/ deception or diseases, they don’t want to share anything with anyone, not even the Physician who want to treat them & that’s why when questioned by him, they answer reluctantly.
  5. Company, Aversion to, agg., Solitude, fond of: …, …, Nat-m, …,                     Company means companionship, to keep someone with. Aversion means deep dislike. Aggravation means to make worse.
    Solitude means loneliness. To be fond of means desire for certain things.
    Due to their disease, despair state, these peoples try to remain isolated. They don’t want to remain in company. Their complaints aggravates in company. They are generally lonely peoples.
  6. Delusions, imaginations, Net, he is in a: Nat-m

    Delusions mean a misleading opinion, idea or belief or a state away from reality. Imaginations mean formation of images of objects not present by a mental faculty. Net means material made of hair, string, wire, etc tied, twisted or woven together to grasp the animals in it.
    Generally, these people are so disturbed & depressed either due to their disappointment/ deception or diseases & feels as if they are trapped in a cage or net. They are not able to get opened in the society. Their face shows such anxiety.

  7. Delusions, imaginations, Pitied on account of his misfortune & he weeps, he is: Nat-m

  8. Weeping, tearful mood, Pitied, if he believes he is: Nat-m

    Pitied means compassion, fellow-feeling.
    Misfortune means bad luck.
    Weeps mean to cry, to shed tears.
    Due to suffering or present depressed state of mind because of some disappointment/ deception, these peoples always blames their destiny/ fortune & goes on weeping.

  9. Delusion, imaginations, Wretched, she looks, when looking in a mirror: Lap-c-b, Nat-m

    Wretched means unfortunate, miserable.
    Mirror is an entity which reflects the image of the person when looking in it. Mirror word can be considered as it is or if people around this person make comments regarding his personality, this can be considered as a mirror. He feels unfortunate. He blames his destiny. He feels he is unfortunate & that’s why he looks like that etc.
    This version generally observed in the persons who are suffering from Scarred Acnes with greasy face or who are suffering from some skin disorders which alters their personalities etc.

  10. Despair, Pregnancy, during: Nat-m

  11. Indignation, Pregnant, while: Nat-m

    Despair means to lose all hope.
    Indignation means feeling of anger & scorn. Pregnancy means the state or condition of being full of meaning, formation of something new as new disturbing thoughts, ideas, eruptions etc. Pregnant word should not be taken only as a child bearing condition but considered as a full of meaning.
    These people loose all the hopes whenever some new thing happens or develops or sometimes due to their suffering, they become angry on themselves or become indignant.

  12. Dwells on, Past disagreeable occurrences, Grieve therefore, to: Nat-m

    Dwell means to live, to reside, and to think a lot. Past means the time that has gone by. Disagreeable means unpleasant, different than his/ her own thoughts.
    Occurrences mean happenings.
    Grieve means to cause grief to.
    These people always lives in past. An unpleasant occurrences remains in their mind forever & they goes on thinking about them continuously. This becomes a chronic grief for them which is responsible for their present despair state.

  13. Faces the wall if anybody talks to him: Nat-m

  14. Looked at, Cannot bear to be, Faces the wall if anybody talks to him: Nat-m

    Faces the wall means to turn the face towards the wall instead of facing the reality of the life.
    Looked at, Cannot bear to be means never likes to be looked up-on by others.
    Because of the despair, depressed state of mind either due to disappointment or deception or due to the suffering, these people don’t want to get mixed with the society. They are fond of solitude. If anyone wants to talk to them, they tries to avoid the communication, they run away from the place or they stops the talking by avoiding the looks with the other person. Even they don’t like the sympathy or consolation.

  15. Morose, sulky, cross, fretful, ill-humor, peevish, Questioned, when: Nat-m

    Morose means sullen, gloomy.
    Sulky means obstinately silent from ill-humour.
    Cross mean contrary, bad tempered. Fretful means irritable, discontented etc.
    Ill-humor means angry, indignant.
    Peevish means irritable, making complaints always.
    Question means a sentence in which one requests to know something.
    Because of the despair, depressed state of mind either due to disappointment or deception or due to the suffering, these people are always found to be in an irritable, morose, sulky mood & this mood gets aggravated whenever they are questioned. They don’t like to be disturbed but desires solitude.

  16. Restlessness, nervousness, Alternating with, Indifference: Nat-m

    Restlessness means knowing no rest, disturbed, unsettled.
    Nervousness means uneasy & restless.
    Alternating means placed each after one of the other kind.
    Indifference means absence of interest or attention. These people always either look very restless & nervous due to their problems or absolutely indifferent to everything. They don’t have any interest in anything which is happening around them. You can observe such alternating state in these patients.

  17. Sadness, despondency, depression, melancholy, Disease, As from, Afternoon: Nat-m

    Sadness means unhappy, sorrowful.
    Despondency means hopeless.
    Depression means sadness, the state of being dull.
    Melancholy means sadness.
    Disease means an illness, not at an ease.
    Afternoon as a word means the time between noon & evening. But if you think & apply the same terminology to a complete period of the disease, then it can be considered as a period of the peak level of the disease turning towards its end either towards recovery or towards end. Due to severity of the disease state or despaired state because of some disappointment/ deception, these persons turned towards severe depression as from very severe disease.

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Replies to This Discussion

Excellent presentation....
Nicely presented. Food for thought for lot of us when considering rubrics.The more we understand a rubric with its detail and meaning we can then select it with confidence for our patient.
That you for the presentation Dr. Rasal. It is nice to see this put together for a remedy.
Wonderful documentation of the rubrics...Thanks for sharing Dr.Prasad.
Much appreciation for this post on natrum-mur. May I ask if you have found that this is good remedy for both male and female, and also whether you notice if person can have any appearance such as, fair, blonde, dark-skinned, dark hair, tall, slender, well-endowed figure or any other dress?
Dear Debby,
Thanks for reply.
I have observed the importance of the remedy both for the male as well as for the females. But still, due to more emotional aspect, Female dominates the males. Beauty is more important subject of the females & that's why the thought of wretched feeling appears more in them due to their emotional dominance. In males, Intellect dominates emotions generally & that's why it is not the subject that matters them a lot.
It is a delusion & that's why any appearance such as fair, blonde, dark-skinned, dark hair, tall, slender, well-endowed can develop such feeling. It is not a reality that matters but an own feeling that matters.
Thank You!
Dr Prasad...
Dear Dr. Prasad,
A philosophical view (Mādhyamaka prasnagika school)

Its fascinating to see all these rubric gathered together in one place. So, what kind of person is this describing, who is this Nat-m character?

As a Buddhist practioner it seems to me to be describing the kind of self-grasping that arises when we hold on tightly to a particular outcome - we identify with the results of our actions and it hurts when things don't go our way. The more we grasp the tighter and harder our mind becomes - and Nat-m, a Stage 1 (Scholten) remedy, really does grasp very tighly.

But this is too general to be very useful, it covers so many remedies, especially those on the left side of the Periodic Table (right-siders seem rather more philosopical about life) - but all these states are dependently arisen so it are still an effect which merely depends upon the causes and conditions.

The good news is that since all states are dependently arisen they empty of having any inherent existence whatsoever, which of course means that they can change...

Tyatha om, gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

Steph. I will now have to consider Nat-mur when I hear 'hold on' and harden. I usually consider lily family with the words "hold on." There are so many remedies for "hold on." Would be fun to search and list and then differentiate through concomitants.
We can also consider, in this condition,(In some disorders of the skin which are generally disturbs beauty of an Individual & also if there is a big chronic disappointment in the life of a person, the following state of disposition & mind is expressed commonly.) the rubric "FEAR, OPINION OF OTHER OF" ( ambr, bar-c,germ,nux-vom,ozone,prot,puls) It also gives good-worthy. But Nat-m is in this remedy list.

Dear Veeraraghavan,

we will discuss the dictionary meaning of the following words so that the understanding of the rubric Fear, Opinion of others, of will be quiet easy.

Already, we have discussed the meaning of the fear as:

Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. In short, fear is the ability to recognize danger and flee from it or confront it, also known as the Fight or Flight response. Some psychologists such as John B. Watson, Robert Plutchik, and Paul Ekman have suggested that fear belongs to a small set of basic or innate emotions. This set also includes such emotions as joy, sadness, and anger. Fear should be distinguished from the related emotional state of anxiety, which typically occurs without any external threat. Additionally, fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is the result of threats which are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.[1] Worth noting is that fear almost always relates to future events, such as worsening of a situation, or continuation of a situation that is unacceptable. Fear could also be an instant reaction to something presently happening.

An opinion is a subjective statement or thought about an issue or topic, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts. An opinion may be supported by an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts. Opinions rarely change without new arguments being presented. However, it can be reasoned that one opinion is better supported by the facts than another by analysing the supporting arguments.[1] An opinion may be the result of a person's perspective, understanding, particular feelings, beliefs, and desires. In casual use, the term opinion may refer to unsubstantiated information, in contrast to knowledge and fact-based beliefs.

So, in this rubric, its a fear in the persons mind regarding the opinion of others about him that what they will say or whether they will make any comment or whether they will appreciate him/ her etc. It might be good or bad or positive or negative. It's not the pessimistic attitude of Nat-m. It is only the fear regarding their opinion. In Nat-m because of negativity, the wretched feeling appears & they reproaches themselves. Sadness of the Nat-m is not getting expressed in the Fear, Opinion of others. That's why it is missing in this rubric. It is just like the Anticipatory anxiety.


Dr Prasad...

Thank you Sir, I am getting some useful information by your elaborate answer.


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