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Dear friends We often come across such children in life who feels that they are suffering from partiality behaviour of their parents and guardians. They feel that they are less appreciated and loved than their Siblings. What is your say regarding this state of mind ? What Different Rubrics we may suggest for them ?

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Nice topic dear you can refer to 

Mind - Jealousy - children, between ---- ars, carc, nat. m, nux v., sep, veretrum album


Mind - Envy - happy; seeing other peoples: Helleborus is the only medicines 

Please try the selected remedy on full moon and watch the result and share the experience 

Thanks a lot Dr. Deepak for your explanations, Indeed It's a very interesting topic we often meet such children in our life. I was working on such children few rubrics which I feel noteworthy are;


1. MIND - JEALOUSY - children - between; It’s a condition when the children have jealousy between them they are jealous of other ones qualities.

2. MIND - JEALOUSY - children - new-born gets all the attention; when the: It is applied in such cases where we see that child feels that since the time the new member is added in the family he is getting all attention.

3. MIND - DELIRIUM - jealousy, from: Often Child takes it too much seriously to the heart he /she become Delirious.


4. MIND - AILMENTS FROM - jealousy: He may suffer from mood disorders, fever, lack of concentration in studies, increased bowel movements, temper tantrums, headache to some serious organic disease.

5. MIND - ENVY - avidity, and: Often they are envious of others Possessions and develop the extreme desire to get that thing.

6. MIND - ENVY - hate, and: They may develop hatred feeling with the other children they are envious.

7. MIND - ENVY - qualities of others, at, The Qualities of other and the praise which they get from the family members make them envy of the other children.

8. MIND - DISCONTENTED - everything, with: Such children are often seen unhappy with everything nothing pleases         them.

9. MIND - MOROSE - children, in: Often seen Behaviour of such children.

10. MIND - FORSAKEN feeling - beloved by his parents, wife, friends; feeling of not being: They feel that they are not loved by their parents.

11. MIND - DELUSIONS - appreciated, she is not: For every Incidence they have a strong feeling that they will not be appreciated and they are not appreciated in past too.

12. MIND - DELUSIONS - neglected - he or she is neglected: They feel that they are neglected by their parents. They have a strong notion that their parents have not given them much wanted attention.

13. MIND - DELUSIONS - wrong - suffered wrong; he has - children; in: Often after conflicts at home with their siblings they feel that they were wrong punished or suffered.

14. MIND - WEEPING - forsaken feeling; from: Sadness and gloominess due to the forsaken feeling made them cry.


15. MIND - LAMENTING - appreciated, because he is not: They are often found lamenting or complaining about this that whatever good is done by other child they have also done in past or they can also do it or when they have done than in past no body noticed or appreciated.

Dr Vikas--
Good description of sibling jealousy.We see it in our daily routine life.PULS is very appropriate remedy for it---theme it is-affectionate or in hindi--Pyar do pyar lo[give love & take love] When this love divide-jealousy develop. please share your view..
Yes you are right It is there Puls is one of the medicine which I often found to be useful in such type of cases. Thanks For your Hindi Explanation, a lyric of famous song.

Dr Vikas to understand a rubric with cross references is must for every HOMOEOPATH,Because without this knowledge we can not apply at appropriate place them & our Rx....also incorrect. 


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