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Rubric understanding:  Mind- Delusion- seized, as if:

Remedies: Canth, Hyos, Phos


“Seized” = To take hold of, suddenly and forcibly,
“Possessed”= Powerful power is having control over Him,  or influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion

Delusion –seized, as if: In here Patient Feels that Everything had stopped/ feel the “Stasis” and he is not able to “FUNCTION”

“as, if”= mean, its not in totality, he is just feeling it

Means he can still get out of situation he is in.

Remedial Versions:
He will feel Helpless ( Mind- Helpless) but he will not stop he will keep trying and trying to get out of situation, He has patience due to which he is not giving up… Phos is Lying in rubric Mind- Religious, so he is have faith in himself but still he is very Practical (Egotism, wealth)

In state of Seized Hyos will make himself “High Spirited”… “No.!!! This situation will not let me down, I will get out of it.. But he will not ask for Help…(there is No Ego in Hyos and even Hyos don’t feel Helpless) (hyos is not in religious as well)

Cantheris: In state of Seized, he will “Blasphemy” others.. he is not religious as well, he will ask for help/ seek help but not with love.. he will insult to whom he is seeking help….

Example: patient will come to Homoeopath seeking help in situation he is not able to tolerate and will say..” Doctor, I had visited very big Doctors for this ailments their Big Big Tablets and injection haven’t help me in this situation, what will your Homoeopathy will do?” .. but still he will cry for help (MIND - DELIRIUM - crying, with - help, for)

In rubric Delusion- possessed, being… It’s not possible for him to get out of situation, there powerful force had taken hold of him and it’s the “Process continuing” 

But in Delusion – seized, as if.. He knows even if he feels seized/ not functioning… he can still get out of situation so he will try. According to its personality

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Replies to This Discussion

Dear Dr Sanjay Solunke - thank you for sharing your research with the community. Do you have an actual case where this rubric was the determining factor?

What is the difference in this cantharis crying for help and others who cry or pray?

yeah I have case , Debby, I will post case soon, 

When we study Cantharis, We come across rubric 


calc. canth. nat-c. nat-m. nit-ac. phos. spig. staph.

all above remedy show disrespect for "GOD" .. Patient version: May not be direct as it goes with words, he pray god expecting something and when he fail to achieve, he usually insult god or show disrespect, its his basic nature, in diseased state , 

in other words: "He is expecting/ seeking help from someone and is insulting him".. but as cantheris also lies in rubric MIND - DELIRIUM - crying, with - help, for, he will cry/ Shriek- for help...his asking for help one will not like by his words... we should not forget cantharis will never feel helpless (as it  is not lying in rubric  MIND - HELPLESSNESS; feeling of) still he will seek help but that could not sound pleasant for one ears.. its " BLASPHEMY" of cantharis.. ... In others Cry- praying.. you might feel their pain and their word are soft that could not hurt to ones whom they seek help....Thank you


Thank you Sanjay Solunke very good sharing, I want to ask you after taking medicine on this rubric base how long after seen improvement in patient.

Thank you Sir,

You explained this rubric beautifully. But rubric Delusion- possessed, being…and Delusion- seized, as if are in different dimensions. 

yes both rubric have there own identity... in seized , as if.. its just not in totality, just feeling it... and in possessed, being .. its in continuing process from long time.. understand tense and meaning of word "being".. it just continue and till going on.. he is under influence of something stronger force.. from which he is not able to recur himself ..but these are very closest to each we need to confirm and understand both rubric.. its always good to learn many rubrics together with one rubric ..


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