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My question concerns those who say about themselves. 1) we know to search for 'perfectionism' in MIND: conscientious about trifles. However, what about a person who says, "I am imperfect?" Do we search MIND: ANSWER, answering, answers imperfect? or incorrectly? or otherwise, for they did not answer incorrectly, only thinks in their mind that they them self are giving excuse they are not perfect.

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You are raise good question, Debby.

Maybe someone has an idea how to answer this question?

Well my answer would be 'What is the meaning of imperfect?' and allow the patient to direct you further.

It seems to me that both the words 'perfect' and 'imperfect' would be full of hidden meaning for any patient who uses them, and rather than just trying to find the rubric we would need to pursue the idea to understand it fully.

When I think back over cases where patients have used this term alot (and there have been many of those cases, it is a very common word for people to use) it has meant many different things. Frankly, I believe it is used much like the words 'good' and 'bad' are used. A physostigma patient described the 'perfect' family as one that did not break apart when things got bad, a Lac-leo patient described perfection as a partner who did their equal share of the work (female lions do most of the hunting), a Thuja patient described the perfect 'look' as one that nobody could see beneath, and so on.

One could argue that saying 'I am imperfect' is really saying nothing at all, except to say 'there is something wrong with me'. So what is it? What is wrong? What do they mean? That is where I would go.

Thank you, David, for continuing the conversation. Very good. Shall dig deeper into what is 'imperfect' to that individual. Especially, when this person compares them self to another person. Maybe we can ask what is "perfect" in that other person, too.


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