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Friends please share your views regarding this rubric
MIND - SITTING - inclination to sit - wrapped in deep, sad thoughts and notices nothing; as if

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Oh thank you. I searched again and found this rubric!

I found an very interesting rubric which has helped me in a case of depression. The patient said: "AND I AM SMOKING AND DRINKING. I DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT TO SEE AND TO HEAR ANYBODY. I WANT JUST TO BE ALONE IN A CORNER.

The rubric which made difference between others medicines in this case is:

MIND - SADNESS - sits in corner and does not want to have anything to do with the world

After administration of medicine (HIPP) I can say only one thing: I LOVE REPERTORISATION! My patient is excellent.

Dear Maja - Thank you for sharing the success of repertorization. I'm super amazed because the long list of remedies under this one particular rubric must be added to other rubrics that lead to the correct remedy selection among many perfectly good choices and well known remedies and polycrests. I'm so happy you found a match. 

Good to hear the result.  Thanks for sharing if possible please do share the full case.

Her replay 24 hour later:

"Thanks a lot.. I am feeling better already.. you know?.. that s positive energy.. thank you very much.. <3 I had a conversation with my boyfriend yesterday everning.. I could do that.. because you did help me before.. and everything is getting better now.. I ve got power.. and I am the person that I knew before.. again.. what can I do for you?.. I hope the time will come.."

It was not my intetion to share the case. My intetion was to discuss about rubric. She is my friend and I haven't premission to share her case.

Thanks for sharing about Hipp.


Variations on this theme

MIND: AVERSION; everything, to; sits idle, as soon as he: Calc

MIND; COMPANY; aversion to; sits in her room, does nothing: BRACHY-S, broom, puls

MIND; DISTURBED, averse to being; sit or lie in one place, with desire to: BRACHY-S, chin-up, put-on

MIND; MOROSE, sulky; sits speechless: HEP

MIND; MOROSE, sulky; sitting still, while: calc, calc-acet


MIND: Sitting; amel; carb-v, caust, chin-ar, croc, cygn-c, frax, iod, PIC-AC, spong, syph

MIND: SIT; desires to; still, silent; hours, for: bute-j, nat-p, NUX-V, scorp

Nice additions Debby.

It reflects a state of mind where the patient is absorbed in sad, depressive thoughts of his past. It shows his pessimistic out look. As to why he is sitting it depends on the cause, may be death of loved one, some loss of possessions, wealth, health, social position etc. Often After some guilt and offences of past when a person Introspects his deeds of past, He may sit like this, Introspecting each and every fault of his life he committed throughout. Now He wants to meditate without being aware of anyone, Now he wants to give this message also that now I am not bothered what others thinks, says and make their opinion about me but I will Introspect and meditate to overcome. One thing is also very important that all the medicines which are listed here in this rubric are also present in confidence want of. what does that indicate?

Well said Claudia.

How important is it to find the cause or reason for this mood.

Won't it suffice to take  modalities and concomitants symptoms and ailments from along with this rubric.


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