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When some one tells you they are afraid of cats, that can be as real to them as your fear of snakes, heights or death itself. This can be seen in the experience of overcoming the fear of cats on this program shown in the video. What the woman's friend feels is an over reaction and over blown irrational behavior, truly stems from an inner feeling that takes support, guidance and a method to feel relaxed in a frightening situation. 


Thankfully, homeopaths have a section in the Repertory that covers many fears, including fear of cats. Thus, this emotional reaction has been around for ages. Perhaps it comes from centuries ago when fear of big cats, that terrorized villages, was a protective mechanism from a true threat to life and limb. Do you think we all have this memory hidden deep inside? 


The eleven remedies listed specifically under MIND: FEAR: Cats, of: absin, bac, calc-ar, chin, elaps, med, plb, psor, sil, syph, TUB


Mirilli's themes  lists 587 for fear of animals in general. and in CompleteDynamics MIND: FEAR, animals, of lists 121 remedies. 

Have you used this rubric to decide the best course of action for a patient? Was this a leading rubric? Did the person have many fears and anxieties in general?

The next video shows the process of hypnosis removing a man's fear of mice and rats. This will amaze you. You will hear the patient talk about the terror and fear, how it takes over his life, and infiltrates his dreams and sleep as well as day time hours. 


Do you advocate the use of hypnosis? It is not invasive therapy and certainly helps people to move on in their lives. 


Homeopathic Rubric for Fear of Mice includes 6 remedies: calc, calc-ar, colch, puls, sep, thul-c.

MIND: FEAR: Rats include, absin, aconite, arnica, belladonna, BOS-S, calc, calc-ar, cimic, op, phos, Plac, sept

You could also research into fears of being attacked, and fears of being bitten. 


When using the concept fear of attack, it seems not so specific that this concerns a small pet, an wild animal, from another human or enemy, a chemical or biological weapon, from some unknown force or even an atomic bomb. 

MIND: FEAR: Attacked, of being: astac, carc, carn-g, chrysan, cygn-c, dysp, emer, falco-p, fic-i, gins, gryl-a, lac-cpr, lac-lup, lach, ory-c, PLUT-N, salx-f, Stoi-k, STRAM, xanth

The overall fear and sense of anxiety would be the most generalized rubric which contains 902 remedies listed and I'm not so sure it would provide the closest remedy, but it would not leave anything out. Would you use the rubric 

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one of my student is doing Hypnosis therapy and she has a wonderful results on fear

Very good. I think many homeopaths have learned to do hypnosis techniques. 


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