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Kent's Repertory:

MIND, Fear, Destination, of being unable to reach his


Originates from a Proving symptom, found in Allen's Encyclopedia

the symptom is actually:



General Symptoms

"Weariness and exhaustion while walking, so that he feared he would be unable to reach his destination, at 5 pm."


So.. it really has to do with  tiredness and not fear!

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Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Is exhaustion one of Lycopodium's keynotes? We know there is performance anxiety.

Lycopodium    Lippe's  Keynotes and Redline Symptoms, and Allen's Keynotes -  For persons intellectually keen, but physically weak..............., Hering's Guiding Symptoms - Fatigue and weakness is felt more during rest than during motion, yet averse to exercise; Physical exertion: brings on attacks of pain.......Great aversion to exercise.....Suitable for old women and children; keen intellect, but feeble muscular development.............

Thanks for sharing.  Just shows that you really have to have a deeper understanding of the symptoms and not rely on the repertorization superficially.  


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