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Dear Friends these are the two rubrics which are very closely related with each other but they differ in their magnitude. Please Share your views regarding them.

Envy: A feeling of grudging, admiring discontent and resentment aroused in someone. In conjunction with the desire for the possessions, achievements, luck, or qualities of another.

For Example: There were twin brothers, one of them was good at studies and games, the other was lazy and dull, always grudging that god has favored his brother. He thinks, "My brother is a lucky fellow, teachers love you and that’s why you are progressing." This grudging, resentment and discontent is envy.

Jealousy: When a person feels or shows resentment of someone else's achievements and possessions. A jealous person is fearful or wary of being supplanted with a feeling of apprehension from losing affection or position, including feelings of resentfulness or bitterness in rivalry,

Example no.1: If a boy is jealous of the success of a student in the class, he will try to find ways to move him down from his successful position. He may conspire against the person. He may tear pages from his copy, spoil the homework or the projects belonging to the other person.

Example No.2: A jealous husband has a feeling of resentment and often he shows a resentful suspicion that his partner is attracted to or involved with someone else. The jealous person may feel this way just because the partner is attracted to a rich, charismatic personality; the husband will try to avoid parties of the charismatic person or will restrict his partner from meeting the other person out of jealousy.

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This website provides comparisons of word meanings.

"The main difference between envy and jealousy is that envy is an emotion related to coveting what someone else has, whereas jealousy is the emotion related to fear that something you have will be taken away by someone else."

Dear Dr Vikas. This complicated topic has been written about for generations. Both seem to have 'resentment.' However, envy, on the one hand appears to be one person's desire for the possessions, good luck, skills or quality of another person. A feeling that they themselves are missing something, not lucky or fortunate, not wealthy or skilled and at a loss. 


While the "jealous" nature, also feeling resentment toward other persons, will actually be vengeful, either taking action to stifle, trap, harm or manipulate another person to assuage his delusions of feeling lesser or beneath another person. In the example above, you have also shown three people involved, a triangle, as in a love-triangle. This three person tension has a different feeling compared to a two-person tension. 


Although, I may easily be mistaken, especially as regards the repertory meanings and references to these words, 'envy' could more often be mineral or plant, while 'jealous' could more often refer to animal type remedies.

Thanks Debby and Roger for your valuable inputs.

i feel envy when i think that i cannot start this useful topic like vikas verma but

i am totall jealous when i see roger and debby explained well before me  ??/


Nice explanation


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