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I was perusing the rubrics  in Kent's Repertory under Extremeties and found:

Perspiration, hand

Ophthalmia: Brom, cadm, calc, con, dulc, Fl. ac, gymn, ind, iod, led, petr, Sulph.

page 1182 left column, 6th sub rubric down


ophthalmia is a serious inflammation of the eye.

Perspiration of Hand aggravated by ophthalmia ?


any thoughts on why this pairing in the rubric


Thanks Lynn

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thanks sharing an interesting rubric. Under your mentioned rubric there is another rubric "prolapsus uteri". according to my understanding these are concomitant symptoms. it would mean Perspiration of hands with ophthalmia, and perspiration of hands with prolapsus uteri. beautiful rubrics, not misplaced ones


Mir Zahed

Hello Lynn,

I stumbled over the same rubric few weeks ago and was as astonished as you about it. At first I was sure it is misplaced as I couldn't find any suitable Symptoms in any Materia Medica. But we also find the rubric in Hering with just little difference in remedies (but no symptom mentioned in his Guiding Symptoms). And I guess it is quite impossible that both masters made the same mistake or that Kent took the rubric from Hering and changed remedies. I agree with Dr. Mir Zahed that it is a concomitant symptom, even thouth it seems rather strange. But the number of remedies indicates there's a relation between sweaty hands and inflammation of eyes.

Anyway, thanks for your share



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