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Creating Waves of Awareness

This has come up a couple of times in my practice, but I've never been able to find a rubric that covers it. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Most people who suffer travelling sickness complain of this particular fear, and come for aid to the homoeopathic physician complaining about their travelling sickness in anticipation. some may complain as - fear of suffering and others as fear of vomiting.

It may be metaphorically interpreted as fear of revealing their / others secrets, in the context of anxiety of conscience, introspection, etc.
MIND Fear vomiting, of -- acon, lach. Please See the Essential Synthesis
Thanks, I had never come across it in any repertory before.

Dear Chloe, 

When entering key words, such as 'vomit' and 'mind' in the CompleteDynamics Repertory, many ideas and selections appear from which to choose. This might help to ask further questions and get a better understanding or some concomitants during the fear and/or the vomiting. 

  • MIND; ANXIETY; fear, with; stands, when he, forehead becomes covered with cold perspiration, sick to vomiting: veratrum
  • MIND; ANXIETY; pain, with; stomach, in; extending to back, vomiting amel.: SEP
  • MIND; ANXIETY; vomiting
  • MIND; ANGUISH; vomiting, during: AETH, Ant-t, adar, cupr-acet, mea, ox-ac
  • MIND; FEAR; death, of; vomiting, with: ARS, mag-c
  • MND; FEAR; panic attack, overpowering; vomiting, with: germanium
  • MIND; FEAR; vomiting, of: avon, apoc, are, bar-c, bell, cadm-s, colch, con, digox, ham, gin, ip, jatr, kreos, lacy, nix-v, plus

Thanks Debby. I guess I'm a bit behind the times with my old fashioned books. You do miss so many rubrics that way, but then on the plus side you get to learn lots of new ones while leafing through the pages ;)

Excellent suggestions.

My daughter had annual bouts of gastroenteritis, the last one really terrible.. Veratrum Album wasn't stopping it, so I went to previous favourite, Arsenicum Album.. and charcoal capsules! Just as I was considering hospital, it was all over within 12 hours, & she asked "what's for lunch?". Later though, she had a real phobia of this happening again, especially the vomiting..

I chose Ars Alb, as it covered both the tendency to gastro, and somewhere I found the fear of vomiting also.. I don't see it in the rubrics given? Sorry Im in a hurry, so I may have missed it.

Here it is Anne - 

  • MIND; FEAR; death, of; vomiting, with: ARS, mag-c


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