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by Farokh Master


Borrows Trouble:

Cross Reference: Fear, happen, something will.
Disease Condition: Personality trait.
Important Drugs: Acet-ac., Apis, Bar-c., Calc., Sang




Hering's Guiding Symmptoms

Calc. carb.

Irritable without cause; cries about trifles; borrows trouble.


Kent's Lectures on MM

Acetic acid

Confusion of mind; does not know her own children; forgets what has recently happened; attacks of anguish; constantly borrows trouble; thinks something is going to happen: peevishness, complaining.


Sadness and melancholy; extreme irritability; borrowing trouble about everything.


The Cicuta patient, out of the convulsion, is full of sadness, anxiety, and darkness, borrows trouble from the future, is affected by sad stories, is pessimistic.



Late falling to sleep in the evening; lies awake thinking about the affairs of the day and borrowing trouble.


Phatak's Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicines

Baryta carb

Always borrows trouble.



Borrows trouble

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Replies to This Discussion

"borrows trouble". How do we explain in plain English this term? Is it akin to "asking for trouble" or "getting into trouble" or something else. 

Borrows Trouble: simple meaning is as (take needless action that may have detrimental effects.)

Not 'getting into troubles' but only 'thinks about and worries about other people's problems (troubles)"
I'm assuming that is the meaning. Like we have enough of our own troubles; but, these people seem to take on more troubles than they have already. It appears they are finding things to complain about easily. Thus, they become anxious, sad, pessimistic. Very good rubric to learn.


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