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We all know that castles cannot be built in the air and that it could exist only in one's imaginative realm. So this rubric refers to those person with very fertile imaginations, who just theorize, weave dreams or formulate goals, at the same time lacking the desire to act to bring their dreams or goals to fruition. These people may in all probability have the means, resources, time etc but still will not act or seek/motivate others to act towards achievement of their theorized goal/projects. These persons get classified as day dreamers and are found to have higher or heightened temporal lobe synthesis, which forces them to just keep indulging in constant theorizing and planning of schemas without putting things into action or operation. Some times such temporal lobe activity is seen to be associated with disease states such as schizophrenia,organic psychosis etc.

It is also to be understood that Great thinkers in all walks of life have been produced by nature to some extent by theorizing, visioning but often these thinkers took bold steps to try out their mission, with whatever resources they had at hand with them, to achieve their goals. When there is vast divergence between theory and practice and if one were to dwell on theory only, then he becomes more a dreamer and not an achiever. So day dreamers or persons affected with sloth and who just indulge mental scheming are the ones who build air castles. An ounce of practice/effort is better than a tumbler of theory holds good in life's many situations.

Indicative meds: Aur, Cann-i, China, Coffea, Lach etc.

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Perhaps these "day dreamers" have not learned how to materialize and actualize their thoughts into simplified step-be-step actions and could use some guidance and tools? Communicating their visions, journaling and noting them down will make these 'air castles' more real and tangible.


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