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One of the first books I read after “The Organon” was Vithoulkas“Science of Homeopathy”. Up to now this book remains one of the most useful textbooks for me.
The first Sankaran’s book I read was "The Spirit of Homeopathy". It had a big influence on my understanding of health, illness and healing process.

You can understand my confusion when I read in "Homeopathic Links" about the negative Vithoulkas’ reaction against the new ideas of Sankaran. For me, they both are geniuses. How is it possible to be such a disagreement between two of our geniuses? For long time I could not – and did not want - to decide for myself who is right and who is wrong.

And then I realized that Vithoulkas’ reaction against Sankaran is not close to me because it is a reaction AGAINST! And any reaction AGAINST makes me feel uncomfortable. To my regret, Vithoulkas’ reaction against Sankaran reminded me alopath's reaction against Homeopathy.

Rajan is one of the bravest innovators in Homeopathy from the time of Vithoulkas on. (Thanks God, not the only one!) He might have chosen to be a conformist, but he chose to be innovator and to be brave. And beneficent of this are all homeopaths in the world.

Why I love the Sensation Approach?

In my opinion Sensation Method is not only a (revolutionary!) new technique for Taking and Analyzing the Case. I think that the biggest advantage of introducing Sensation Approach is the new way we can perceive our remedies now. And not only our remedies!

It is so beautiful to have an opportunity to choose the remedy and to make differential diagnosis not only from the perspective of already written Materia Medica, but in terms of all great Natural Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy etc. Doing so we not only analyze cases and prescribe remedies, but we may see subtle connections between remedies (and human beings that need these remedies) and the sources – the substances, the plants, the animals... We can see and appreciate how precious is everything that exists in the Nature, in the Universe!

This way – thanks to Sankaran, Vermeulen, Mangialavori, Jayesh, Scholten, Herrick, Shore and many others – we begin to feel ourselves not only as healers dedicated to our beloved Homeopathy, but as scientists and philosophers who enjoy the deep understanding of the Universe and Universal Laws.

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Hi Sara,
can't agree more than this
i find the consultation is often cathartic for the patient because when they do get to the core sensation it is often very revealing for them as they get in touch with themselves and suddnely have an understanding of why they are feeling the way they are - or even diagnose their own illness - on the othere hand for some patients its a struggle and we have to be careful not to antagonise them or make them feel they "cant do it" and this is where the critics of the sensation method tend to say it doesnt work but its quite possible to be senstiive to patients and get round it and use a combination of different mothods and ideas you just have to be creative and flexible.


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