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One of the first books I read after “The Organon” was Vithoulkas“Science of Homeopathy”. Up to now this book remains one of the most useful textbooks for me.
The first Sankaran’s book I read was "The Spirit of Homeopathy". It had a big influence on my understanding of health, illness and healing process.

You can understand my confusion when I read in "Homeopathic Links" about the negative Vithoulkas’ reaction against the new ideas of Sankaran. For me, they both are geniuses. How is it possible to be such a disagreement between two of our geniuses? For long time I could not – and did not want - to decide for myself who is right and who is wrong.

And then I realized that Vithoulkas’ reaction against Sankaran is not close to me because it is a reaction AGAINST! And any reaction AGAINST makes me feel uncomfortable. To my regret, Vithoulkas’ reaction against Sankaran reminded me alopath's reaction against Homeopathy.

Rajan is one of the bravest innovators in Homeopathy from the time of Vithoulkas on. (Thanks God, not the only one!) He might have chosen to be a conformist, but he chose to be innovator and to be brave. And beneficent of this are all homeopaths in the world.

Why I love the Sensation Approach?

In my opinion Sensation Method is not only a (revolutionary!) new technique for Taking and Analyzing the Case. I think that the biggest advantage of introducing Sensation Approach is the new way we can perceive our remedies now. And not only our remedies!

It is so beautiful to have an opportunity to choose the remedy and to make differential diagnosis not only from the perspective of already written Materia Medica, but in terms of all great Natural Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy etc. Doing so we not only analyze cases and prescribe remedies, but we may see subtle connections between remedies (and human beings that need these remedies) and the sources – the substances, the plants, the animals... We can see and appreciate how precious is everything that exists in the Nature, in the Universe!

This way – thanks to Sankaran, Vermeulen, Mangialavori, Jayesh, Scholten, Herrick, Shore and many others – we begin to feel ourselves not only as healers dedicated to our beloved Homeopathy, but as scientists and philosophers who enjoy the deep understanding of the Universe and Universal Laws.

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The confusion what you had was very common to the followers of classical homoeopathy. As a beginner i too had the same confusion and was hesitating to take the Dr. Rajan's concept of sensation in to the practice, But then after attending the seminar of Rajan at Chennai in last September... i concentrated little to Rajans side and understood the Depth of his concept and in no way it is against classical homoeopathy. And over period now i m trying to execute them in my practice and the results are favourable.

The concept is acceptable... But Future alone will decide the validity.
Hi Cahru,
u r in the same boat i was,
and future is definitely great...
Dear Dr. Charuvahan,

Thank you for this very useful post.

I would like to add that recently I learned that Dr. Sankaran is the only homoeopath who knows word-perfect "The Organon" in English, Hindi and ... German! And that he read and studied "The Organon" while he was still a child...
Dear Dr.Rumen Stoychev,
The Person who understands organon in depth can alone stand long in the field of Homoeopathy. The organon acts as a catalyst for our creativity, every time when we read.
I our city, now we are doing a group study circle separately for the sensation method, and we are trying to understand the concept better.
Help us with your valuable informations and clinical experiences.

Thank you,

with regards,

Do visit our website:
I agree Sensation method is a revolutionary method of homeopathic case taking and includes the tools to understand what has been uncovered. It is still classical homeopathy just improved. Majority of cases cannot be taken in less than 2 1/2 - 3hour vs the 1 1/2 hours usually allocated by homeopaths. We learn to recognise the areas that have energy and repetition and to use these as keys to opening the doors to the inner source. All kingdoms come through in every patient/case but you must learn how to recognise the dominant kingdom in the patient and then how to recognise the subkingdom and then down to the source. This is why it takes so long usually as you can only confirm kingdom after seeing it repeated in many facets of the patient. It is very important that you read Sankarans work thoroughly and I highly recommend attending any seminar that you can where any of the Bombay Sensation Group are presenting. The best option is the Goa/India seminar in February each year where you get to spend 11 intensive days learning the method from all of the teachers of the Bombay Group including Dr Sankaran and his wife Divya. Prior to this seminar I had been trying to use Sensation method but with not enough understanding of the method. Now I have the tools and am using them everyday with some fantastic results. I cannot stress enough that you must read all of Sankarans work from early years to current as it shows progression of his own understanding. The Structure books are amazing and will help you no end. I wish you all well in your endeavours to utilise this fantastic method.
Dear Rumen,

Thank you for posting this interesting blog. I agree with above disscusion/comments on sensation method. I started implementing this method in my practise (since last year) and I could see very good results. More confident. I've Dr.Sankaran's software "Vital Quest" which is highly valuable.

Best regards,
Dear Kavitha,
Thank you for joining the group.

I would like to ask you to share some experience with us, please.

Can you tell me what is the most difficult for the 'beginners'?
I will be happy to know the mistakes that is most likely to make as a beginner.
Dear Rumen,

With my little knowledge as of now this is what I would like to convey for my friends who just started following this sensation method. The common mistakes would be interpretation of patient words (what that means don’t blindly consider their words, justify those words with gestures and see if the local sensation leads to global sensation as most of the times words may not sound the same as what they experience).

Another mistake would be once we find the source words directly from the patient mouth we try to look for the remedy which Dr.Sankaran says as the wrong way and that leads to utter failure. So the process of case analysis should be classify the case in to Kingdom, then subkingdom and then source.

Also as Dr.Sankaran says that we need to explain the patient ahead about this method (by doing this the patient will develop confidence on the practitioner) so that they will prepare otherwise they will consider us as stupid because we are trying to ignore patient common disease symptoms and we are after the patient sensations or nonsense/non human words.

I hope I've answered your question.

Dear Fiona, I think that our Group needs people like you very much - you have an Experience.

Believe it or not, I have not seen Sankaran in live. I learn Sensation method from his video courses and I am thrilled with the possibility to learn the method more deeply from one of Sankaran's best followers Dr. Dinesh Chauhan.
Dinesh will come to Bulgaria in August and this is the best news for many of us.

It will be so good to meet in Bulgaria many friends from all Europe.
I heartly invite you - Come to Bulgaria, dear friends!
Let's learn together, let's have fun together!
If you have not been to Bulgaria yet, you will be so pleasantly surprised!
This is my first contribution to a forum on this website....but it is not so much a contribution as more of a question.
I love Homeopathy, and all the wonderful methods being developed and acknowledged world-wide. I have been practising Homeopathy for ten years now but am still unable to make it a full-time career. This is due to a few issues... one being the length of the consultation that seems to be 2-3 hours. Here in New Zealand, not a hugely populated country, most people can not get that much time off from work to attend such a long consultation as Homeopathy is not that widely known and accepted yet, is more often than not it is confused with Naturopathy. The cost of the 2-3 hour consultation can also be prohibitive for many. I believe that in India in clinics such as Rajan Sankarans, there are 'interns' who work there and so the patient's history etc. is recorder before the patient reaches the Homeopath himself. This poses a dilemma for most Homeopaths in this country who are struggling with this problem, especially those such as myself, in the situation of needing to make a decent liveable income as I am living on my we see as many patients as we can at reduced time frames and fees or do we 'hang out' for those who can afford the time and money to come for the extended consutlation that the Sensation Method seems to imply is required?
You have a good query there? Most of the people have a misconception that every case goes for 2-3 hrs which is not true. I follow sensation method and I do not take 2-3hr cases. More than the time frame, the symptoms are important. Certain things have to come up sensation or gesture which can guide us to a remedy, if these things come up in the initial part of the case taking, we just have to probe further gently and complete the case. Just be focussed and observant...............I'm sure you dont have to wait long everytime to make a good prescription.


Rajan's method is an evolution of original Classical Homeopathy that Hahnemann established, I am sure if Hahnemann himself would live to this date, he would evolve into the Sensation Method.
Sensation method is an enhancement to homeopathy and I wish we could stop fighting over which method is correct and which is not and be open and learn and transform to a higher octave as healers and humans...


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