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The sensation method is nothing but deeper understanding of case taking. When we take the case we analyze our collected information in different categories like Physical particular, Physical general, mental and mental general. In The same way Dr.Sankaran gives different names like Name, Fact, Feeling, Delusion, Sensation, Energy and seventh. These all are levels of experience and we pass through them consciously or unconsciously during case taking process. As we go deeper,  the collected information has more  weights for analysis. Suppose physical particular is less important then the physical general and physical general is less important then the mental [refer Kent]. Same way the fact is less important and Sensation is most important to select the remedy.


How to reach at sensation level is very technical and artistic, so you must train for the same...

I get following videos when I search the "Sensation" in you tube...


Sensation Method part-1                                                                                                            Sensation Method part-2                                                                                              

Sensation Method part-3                  

Sensation Method part-4            

Sensation Method part-5    

Sensation Method part-6

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Thank you for the videos, Dr Kalathya!


In my opinion Dinesh is a true master of case taking.

His case witnessing technique is very intriguing.

Maybe the most amazing thing in it is that the healing process begins simultaneously with the case witnessing.

Very often the patient begins to improve even without taking the remedy.

I mean really very often!

I saw this several times with my very eyes at Dinesh's consultations.

In Ahmedabad we had very good seminar about "Child centric case witnessing process",May 2011, I enjoy it a very much.

Especially I like his three stages of CWP, actually before him we follow the same technic but we didn't know about it. We follow it unconciuosly. The benefit of the technic is we didn't pressurize the patient and we get the case very easily. Instead the patient and practitioner both enjoy the witnessing and observing the phenomena what appear in front of us. CWP is as interesting as we show any secrete TV show.(In India we had CID) we didn't know till the end what happen or what comes then after. Process is totally human centric so you didn't allowed to think about medicine or kingdom till the last phage of the CWP (I mean you are not free to think about medicine and kingdom prematurely). You just think about what's in front of us, so the way we become unprejudiced observer in true sense...

Thank you very much for those wonderful sensation method videos.

This method is wise, unique and not so easy to implement. yet, the outcomes of such method, could shift in a 180 degrees of our patinet's health state- and do an amazing progress.

we all still have much to learn from DR. Sankaran and his team of developing this sensation method, running along the years to come' making Homeopathic case taking and practice' easier for many Homeopathic practitioners to come.


thanks again



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