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The remedy Cortisone


[Writing pattern…My discussion = pink, Natural History = blue, Rubrics = Orange]


We try to understand this remedy with the help of it’s correlation between Natural history and materiamedica.

These are the themes…


(1) Unstableness.

In the peripheral tissues, cortisol is converted to cortisone by the enzyme 11-beta-steroid dehydrogenase. Cortisol has much greater glucocorticoid activity than cortisone, and, thus, cortisone can be considered an inactive metabolite of cortisol. However, 11-beta-steroid dehydrogenase can catalyze the reverse reaction as well, and, thus, cortisone is also the inactive precursor molecule of the active hormone cortisol.


Thus the cortisone is stable form of cortisol and it become active whenever body require, so the phenomena of activation and inactivation occurs continuously in the body, it means at one moment it is stable while on another moment it is unstable. The same kind of turmoil we can see in the cortisone patient also. He is stable at one moment but become unstable very next moment and these kinds of alternating states we can see in our materiamedica also. At one moment patient is cheerful, euphoric, sleepless and exited while on the other moment he is morose, sad, vex, indecisive and weepy.


**Unstable moods (Complete Repertory) [the rubrics which has less then 50 medicines are only noted down]

¨     Mentals; CHEERFULNESS, alternating with moroseness (25) 1 cortiso

¨     Mentals; CHEERFULNESS, alternating with vexation (8) 1 cortiso

¨     Mentals; EUPHORIA, alternating with sadness (4) 1 cortiso

¨     Mentals; EXCITEMENT, alternating with indecision (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Mentals; EXCITEMENT, alternating with sadness (17)

¨     1 cortiso, 1 foll, 1 thyr, 1 thyreotr

¨     Cough; EXCITEMENT, from (28) 1 cortiso

¨     Mentals; TALK, vivacious (15) 1 cortiso

¨     Mentals; WITTY (16) 1 cortiso

¨     Sleep; SLEEPLESSNESS General pleasant (2) 1 cortico, 1 cortiso

¨     Mentals; WEEPING, causeless (42) 1 cortiso,1 pitu-a,1 thala


Unstableness has two more facets the restlessness and hipper reactive…


(2) Hasty, hurried and restless

¨     Mentals; DELUSIONS, slow, bus goes (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Mentals; IRRITABILITY travel goes too slow, when (1) 1 cortiso


(3) Hyper reactive

Cortisone, a glucocorticoid, and adrenaline are the main hormones released by the body as a reaction to stress. They elevate blood pressure and prepare the body for a fight or flight response.


So ‘give reaction’ is basic function in cortisone and related other steroids. It means patient of cortisone reacted very soon for little stress (Mental or Physical) and reaction occurs in the form of fight or flight response. This theme is very well expressed in my cortisone case. [Homeopathic Links 1/10]


Physically it had more altered functions…


Physicals… (Complete Repertory)

(a) Warm, heat, sun <\ >

¨     Vertigo; WARM room (23) 1 cortiso

¨     Head Pain; GENERAL warmth, from warmth in agg (16) 1 cortiso

¨     Head Pain; LOCALIZATION Forehead room, in agg Warm (20) 1 cortiso

¨     Mouth; DRYNESS General Warm drinks amel (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Cough; WARM becoming, on (17) 1 cortiso

¨     Skin; ERUPTIONS General sun, from (6) 1 cortiso

¨     Skin; ERUPTIONS General warmth, from (3) 1 cortiso

¨     Skin; ITCHING heat bed, of (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Generals; SUN, from exposure to agg. Or ailments from sunburn (27) 1 cortiso, 1 hist

¨     Extremities; ERUPTIONS eczema hand back of warmth agg. (1) 1 cortiso


(b) Pressure, standing, walking, lying <\ >

¨     Head Pain; LOCALIZATION Occiput  sides of  pressure from (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Eye; PAIN stitching pressure agg. (3) 1 cortiso

¨     Back; PAIN General pressure amel.  cushion (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Kidneys; PAIN general lying, while agg. (10) 1 cortiso

¨     Female Sexual; MENSES painful, dysmenorrheal walking amel. (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Extremities; WEAKNESS  General standing, while (7) 1 cortiso

¨     Extremity Pain; DRAWING  Knee  hollow of  lying affected side, on (1)1 cortiso

¨     Extremity Pain; DRAWING  Knee  hollow of  standing, while (5) 1 cortiso


(c) Dryness, roughness

¨     Face; ROUGH skin (28) 1 cortiso

¨     Mouth; DRYNESS General swallowing, on empty agg (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Throat; DRYNESS General; extreme (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Stool; HARD pieces, in (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Extremities; CRACKED skin Hands back of (11) 1 cortiso

¨     Extremities; DRYNESS General; hands back of (3) 1 cortiso

¨     Extremities; ROUGHNESS Hand back of (3) 1 cortiso


(e) Inflammation, red, patches, allergy

¨     Eye; INFLAMMATION canthi inner (14)

¨     1 cortiso

¨     External Throat; DISCOLORATION redness patches, in (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Abdomen; INFLAMMATION, peritonitis, enteritis Pancreas hemorrhagic (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Chest; ERUPTIONS rash lower sternum (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Extremities; DISCOLORATION redness hand back of patches (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Extremities; DISCOLORATION redness fingers back of (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Extremities; DISCOLORATION redness fingers nails roots of (3) 1 cortiso

¨     Extremities; DISCOLORATION redness ankle patches, left (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Generals; ALLERGY (32)

¨     1 cortiso, 1 des-ac, 1 foll, 1 pitu-a


(f) Skin inelasticity

¨     Skin; INELASTICITY (16) 1 cortiso, 1 thyr


(g) Skin hairy

¨     Skin; HAIR excessive growth (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Skin; HAIRY General (5) 1 cortiso


(h) Indurate, slowness to heal

¨     Skin; ERUPTIONS indurated (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Generals; WOUNDS  heal slow (63) 1 cortiso


(i) Altered function in girl

¨     Mentals; MANNISH habits of girls (6)1 cortiso

¨     Female Sexual; MENSES absent, amenorrhea  girls, in young (9) 1 cortico, 1 cortiso, 1 thala


(j) Extra

¨     Eye; AGGLUTINATED General  lid, lower (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Eye; PAIN stitching  thinking of it agg. (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Nose; SNEEZING General  morning  washing amel. (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Stomach; NAUSEA  fats fat agg. (8) 1 cortiso

¨     Stomach; NAUSEA  milk, after agg. (9) 1 cortiso

¨     Abdomen; NOISES  gurgling  fluid, as from (8) 1 cortiso

¨     Rectum; DIARRHEA  colic after (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Cough; SHAVING (2) 1 cortiso

¨     Cough; UNCOVERING or undressing agg. (12) 1 cortiso

¨     Back; PAIN aching  sacrum  sacro-iliac symphysis (7) 1 cortiso

¨     Skin; ITCHING  paroxysmal (1)1 cortiso

¨     Generals; CHOLESTEROL increased (8) 1 cortiso,1 thyreotr

¨     Generals; HYPERTENSION  children (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Generals; HYPOTHYREOIDISM (10) 1 cortico, 1 cortiso, 1 rib-ac

¨     Generals; SOFTENING Bones  x-ray, from (3) 1 cortico, 1 cortiso


Allopathic uses:

Cortisone suppresses the immune system, thus reducing inflammation and attendant pain and swelling at the site of the injury. Risks exist, in particular in the long-term use of cortisone.

Cortisone may also be used to deliberately suppress immune response in persons with autoimmune diseases or following an organ transplant to prevent transplant rejection. The suppression of the immune system may also be important in the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as severe IgE-mediated allergies





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Replies to This Discussion

Dear doctor,

Thanks for the post.

Here the chemical and physiological properties are connected with the materia medica. It is really useful to remember the drug picture. But, i feel that proving the drug on this basis will definitely replace the traditional materia medicas. By this approach, even without preparing the medicine, we can writedown the drug picture! Lets have a discussion on this topic.


Thanks for your valuable comment.


Please elaborate more about how the medicine being used without it's knowledge of materiamedica or proving?

I think the way you approach the remedy and it's application, it might help our community to learn more.


Now a days the internet (Wikipedia) is my main source for reference but without dipper understanding it is dangerous. mostly I use the source information for more conformation and become more confident.


Every substance from the universe express its quality in different way in human being, but the knowledge of materiamedica and proving is not negligible because it's very basic. Everything is builded on the basis of materiamedica and proving in the homeopathy.


I think the way to study the materiamedica is very interesting topic for debate and we'll discuss later. 

Thanks for the response.

I follow the traditional materia medica, and the medicine is selected on the basis of symptom similarity. I am not familiar with the sensation method or other methods like periodic table, kingdom, etc. I often feel some of the methods like 'dream proving' beyond the reach of my understanding!

Dear Dr Ghanshayam ~
I very much appreciate these articles and ask to give more explanation of a few rubrics in your opinion.

Here on hasty -- can we also say this is 'impatient' or only this 'hasty' applies?
How does a person express this 'restless and hurried' behavior? 
Is the person speeding while driving? How does it apply when driving in a car a passenger or driver? 

(2) Hasty, hurried and restless
¨     Mentals; DELUSIONS, slow, bus goes (1) 1 cortiso
¨     Mentals; IRRITABILITY travel goes too slow, when (1) 1 cortiso

For the hair growth. Are there particular parts of the body that the hair is excessive?
(g) Skin hairy
¨     Skin; HAIR excessive growth (1) 1 cortiso
¨     Skin; HAIRY General (5) 1 cortiso

Can you tell what is meant by "mannish"? Does the person have short hair cut and wear pants? Does this link to the hair growth rubric, wear facial hair grows as in a mustache or beard? Is the voice deeper in pitch? Thus, these appearances could be connected to change or balance in hormones, like estrogen and progesterone?
(i) Altered function in girl
¨     Mentals; MANNISH habits of girls (6)1 cortiso
¨     Female Sexual; MENSES absent, amenorrhea  girls, in young (9) 1 cortico, 1 cortiso, 1 thala

 The cortisone remedy seems to have a lot connected with 'cough.' Would coughing rubrics be a necessity in a patient to determine cortisone as an appropriate remedy? 

Please explain, the person is sneezing all morning, but if they 'wash their face' or take a shower then the sneezing ceases? This one of coughing while shaving is quite interesting. Reminds me of rubric nauseous or gagging upon brushing teeth. Quite interesting these morning routines and how the body responds with a 'reflex' type action. 

¨     Nose; SNEEZING General  morning  washing amel. (1) 1 cortiso

¨     Cough; SHAVING (2) 1 cortiso

Hi... Debby ~


I had not much experience about cortisones altered function, what you eagerly want to know. Above note is my style to study any particular remedy. Above post is nothing but result of repertory search,  so If you want to confirm and want to learn more please refer the materia medica and see how it could be... I had only one case that I was share with you. I understand the cortisone patient as Unstable, hyper-reactive and restless and I understand the same with it's chemical properties and biological function as mention here.


Why I post the medicine in this kind of degin?

I had my own style to study the materiamedica in which I select the rubrics which had less then 10 remedies (It means very specific rubrics of the remedy) and then try to find out the common threads running out of them all. If any same kind of rubric available in the mind and the body, for me this is the vital rubric because it running through all the state of remedy. Same way If some rubrics had common characteristics in the mind section in different areas then, that kind of characteristrics also very important for me. because it covers the whole mind rather then any specific expression. Same way I study the physicals also.


So above post is my exercise for finding the cortisone themes and whenever I had case of sarcode the above kind of notes helping me to differentiate others remedies of the Sarcode kingdom. You know in our materaimedica has pages and pages of information about any remedy, so it is very difficult to say that which symptoms are important and which has less important or which is very basic of the remedy, but if I had above kind of notes then I have very easily analysis the case and make decision. 


If I find the sensations of any kingdom then I see the notes of the remedy from same kingdom and I find the beautiful reference that make me confident to prescribe the particular remedy.


I think You may get confused by my explanation!! or you think that this is very Odd style to study the materia medica, but today in the morning when I refer the discussions of Jonathan shore about "How to study the materiamedica" (HWC) I see he advice the same kind of style. I had one article by Dr. Jeremy sherr who also study the sepia with same style. So now I believe that my style is not different then the Masters.


I'm going to preparing the whole article about "How to study the Materia medica" and I'll post it on my Newly created group (The kingdoms in Homeopathy). I also post more remedy notes to understand my style.


See you very soon!!!!!!!!

Hello Dr Ghanshyam ~ It is just my curiosity to learn more. Keep going.

Thanks Dr. good article. I appreciate. The new era of scientific homeopathy.. great job 


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