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here I'm going to disscuss on topic about "Sarcode Kingdom", the below posted article was published in Homeopathic Links. This is my first article about sarcode so is not complete any way but it will give you some idea about sarcodes. We discuss more articles day by day.... Happy journey of Energy pattern of Sarcode kingdom.


The Language Of Sarcodes

Ghanshyam Kalathia, India


(Ghanshyam Kalathia, The Language of – Homoeopathic Links Spring 2010, Vol. 23: 1–5 © Sonntag Verlag in MVS Medizinverlage Stuttgart GmbH & Co.KG) 


As classical homoeopaths, we can recognize how patients needing a mineral remedy

Talk… they all have a particular style. Similarly all other kingdoms have their own specific pattern of expression. In this article I am trying to give a hint of how patients needing a sarcode can be recognized by their language and expression. In homoeopathy we have the following sarcode remedies:


Adrenalinum, Cholesterinum, Cortisonum,

Corticotropinum, DNA, Folliculinum,

Histaminum, Insulinum, Oophorinum,

Orchitinum, Pancreatinum, Parathyroidinum,

Pepsinum, Pituitaria glandula anterior, Pituitaria glandula posterior, Pituitaria

glandula, RNA, Thyroidinum andUrea pura...


But we seldom use them as frequently as other kingdom’s remedies, because our knowledge of them is slight. My aim is to make the sarcodes more familiar.

The illustrating case is taken and analyzed using Dr. Sankaran’s method of levels and sensation. In case you are not familiar with it I recommend reading his books (see references). (In earlier issues of Links this “Bombay method” has been extensively discussed– The Editor).


Prior to this case I did not know anything about sarcodes besides that Dr. Sankaran said about them in a seminar that if “a healthy tissue (in particular) takes over the whole being of a patient, that points to a sarcode.” (Reference: The Sensation in Homoeopathy, page: 681).


A Case of Cortisonum

(D: = Doctor, myself. P: = Patient. HG = Hand Gesture. My comments and my thought

Processes during case taking are presented as follows: (comments). The analysis for sensations and levels are presented as: [analysis].)


From start to end I did not understand anything regarding which medicine to give, but

I knew – being quite confident about Sankaran’s method – that if I understand the energy and sensation of the case I will finally find the right remedy.


First consultation on 23rd March 2007

A fair-skinned lady, 27 years old, soft-voiced, pharmaceutical laboratory technician.


D: Tell me what’s your problem?

P: A cold, a running nose; in the morning I get tired. I have to go out to blow my nose frequently and I feel some cough also…this goes on and on and on… once it stops it starts again. There is little constipation also and during menses I have severe pain and my periods are mostly irregular… either early or late. It is not perfect in any way, but after periods I become all right. I even feel better than before.

[This is level 1 and 2: Name and fact]


D: What’s bothering you the most? (I ask this question because the chief complaint is an entry point into the case.)

P: First thing is this cold and second is my sensitive skin. I feel complete dryness and if I apply a cream for the dryness of the skin some little reddish pimples come up. For a long time my body has been oversensitive. (My observation: she smiles saying this sentence as if it is a very special thing for her.)


[She has two main complaints, the first is a cold and the second is sensitive skin. But sensitivity is common to both and is not related to local complaints only, but is related to the whole body. So the case is generalized now.]


D: I am not following you, so please tell about over sensitiveness?

P: Whatever you do it reacts suddenly, even for a simple thing. As if an adverse reaction is coming. For example my grandmamma is sensitive, she feels bad immediately… sensitive people think in one way only. They become disappointed very easily.


[This comes out of the blue. I never heard this kind of story. The information is not clearly related to any kingdom, so I think it is source language (level 6c or sensation c; a. is kingdom, b. sub-kingdom, c. source).


D: Can you tell me more about sensitive nature? [The case is going directly deeper to the sensation level, so I think emotions (level 3) and images (level 4) are very few.]

P: They (she means sensitive people) feel up and down very fast, their reaction is immediate. Suppose they saw a television serial, the normal persons sees it for the sake of enjoyment. But these people get much more involved in it and their reactions are strong.


[What is sensitivity? Sensitivity means reactions are coming very fast and immediate. This is related to source, a substance that is available in nature.]

 R Y

D: Tell me more about reactions?

P: Whatever happens they react to them. For any action the reaction is coming. They are not tackling all situations; others are required to handle them… Suppose if any relative has died, at that time she reacts so much that the people are handling her rather than the diseased person. Sensitivity is a good thing, but if it crosses the limit then it has a bad effect.


[Others are required to handle it…this is another quality of the substance.]


D: I understand, please continue.

P: Immediate, fast reaction is coming (HG… as if hands are flowing horizontally with speed), not only for bad things, for good things also. They take every thing to heart very fast.


[HG is energy (level 6) of the case. Anything described without energy is not the vital sensation. The sensation must have energy.]


D: What is their immediate reaction?

P: To immediately give an answer or do any action, like any reaction is coming after action.


D: What is action and reaction? (I want some specificity.)

P: If you do anything, that’s your action. Suppose you take a bath with cold water, that is your action and if after that you feel cold, that is your reaction.


[Means sensitivity has fast and immediate action and reaction.]


D: What do you mean by sensitivity? (Now I have a command on the case, and know where I am in the case… so I ask a question, from where I start.)

P: They get (she means sensitive people) easily happy or sad in a particular situation.

Everybody is sensitive, but normal people have the stability and do not become immediately happy or sad.


D: What’s stability? (Stability is a new word.)

P: They do not become this or this (HG: hands fall in one direction then in other), which means they do not become unstable easily. They do not react very fast.


[This HG is most characteristic (peculiar) of the case. Some more sensations are stability and instability. Instability means you react very fast.]


D: What is unstable?

P: They cannot handle a situation. You cannot rely on them. You can’t judge what they do. They do anything at any time… In relation to things, they are not durable. The thing is not stable, gets cracked immediately…You cannot trust it. You can use it as an alternative source. You cannot rely on it.


D: Go on, I get it.

P: They cannot handle a situation. They cannot understand to do a particular thing.

They are naïve. They are not practical. They are not doing anything perfectly. The outcome of the work of sensitive people is not 100%. Mostly they fail.


[Practical is opposite of unstable and oversensitive.]


D: Who is a practical person? (She talks steadily in the third person, so I do not want to disturb her rhythm, that’s why I ask who rather than what.)

P: They (she means practical persons) handle a situation without becoming too sensitive. They are 100% sure about their action. They do every thing properly. They are proper and perfect everywhere in their life. They do perfectly, they act perfectly, they walk perfectly and they react perfectly.


[That means in order not to become sensitive and unstable you must become perfect and proper.]


D: Talk about your dreams? (As she talked a lot about this issue, I now ask about something completely different.)

P: Dreams are so many, but they are always irrelevant. I am confused mostly after waking.

In the dreams I feel as if in a different world.


D: Different world? (To push her gently further I ask the question as if I’m not get understanding it.)

P: I can’t remember correctly, but they are not related to your real life. It has not any connection to your life.


D: Connection? (Connection is a new word.)

P: Connection is joining two different things. In connection both things have a link.


D: Joining the two things means what?

P: Means two things are completely different and they join together, they have connection, a link. The things are different but the link is the same. Link is connecting to each other. (HG all fingers folded in centre and both hands facing each other – I ask about HG, but she can’t answer properly.)


[Two different things are connected and join together by Link. This is source language directly related to the substance.]


D: Tell me about your nature?

P: By nature I’m a calm person. I don’t like disputes and naturally I’m not a mixing type.

(She means she prefers solitude). If I mix-up then after some time there is not any problem, but I can’t easily approach anybody. And I’m practical… I mean I handle anything beautifully.


D: Handle means?

P: I mean handling or take care of… If you handle the thing haphazardly you lose the thing very fast.


D: Handling or caring means?

P: Suppose you have a thing and you take care properly or appropriately, that is handling or caring. But if you are not handling properly the things are destroyed very fast.

Suppose this is my mobile phone and I use it roughly then it gets destroyed. In case of relationships also, if you cannot handle properly or behave haphazardly, you lose the relationships. But if you take care properly and perfectly they last a long time. I mean the durability is increased.


[For a long time you handle and take care of… or you must do it properly and appropriately otherwise you lose it…. This is SARCODE language, which I explain later on.]


D: Your interests and hobbies?

P: I like TV. And needle work is my favorite.

I like to make the best things from the west (she means non-useful things). This is inno- vative work. Every time I make new things, something different from normal.


D: What do you like on TV?

P: I like fantasy movies; I mean they are not possible in real life… e.g. science fiction pictures or technology pictures.


[This information comes a second time. In dreams also she goes into a different world (fantasy world).]


D: What do you like in food?

P: Spicy, I eat everything but food must be tasty.


D: Which seasons do you like?

P: I don’t like sun and winter. My skin becomes dry and scaly in the cold and becomes red in the sun heat. Some immediate rashes come after heat or cold.


Prescription: (I do not have 1MK) Cortisonum



[I think her imagination is powerful, which means she is at delusion level so I want to give 1MK.] [She created a beautiful image of a sensitive person and from that we get all the sensations.]


Follow-up after one month

D: How do you feel now?

P: Good, energetically much better, but this allergy is tremendous. The sneezing, running nose is always there.


D: Energetically better means?

P: After waking in the morning you feel fresh and energetic, right… That kind of energy and freshness I have now, but when I have this allergic attack I feel loose and mood-less (meaning without energy).


D: What’s energetic?

P: You do any work, fast… fast… As you wake up you start routine immediately. At that time you are applying your full force to do a work, and your total energy is working to complete a work.


D: PMS, periods?

P: I finished my period, but all complaints are as they were. Also constipation is increased.


Prescription: Cortisonum 1MK one dose. (She has not any major changes so I change the potency.)


Follow-up after three months

D: How you feel now?

P: Fine, I feel dramatically well. My skin is completely better and constipation is gone.

First important thing is my periods are now on regular time, but this allergy is still there. At the time of allergic attack I become hyper, and I get angry very fast.


D: What is hyper?

P: Hyper means anything much higher.


D: What kind of dreams you get now?

P: Not any specific, some sentimental only.


D: Tell me about sentimental?

P: Too emotional. Immediately, very fast you get influenced… Like… you become happy and sad very fast. Sentimental people ʼs speed to get happy or sad is much higher than normal people.


Prescription: no dose, only Sac Lac. (She has the same complaint at sensation level, but the medicine works beautifully on other levels, so I don’t repeat the dose and my plan is to wait and watch.)


Follow-up after nine months

D: How do you feel now?

P: Good…no sneezing, no cold, nothing.


D: What is the difference between today and nine months before?

P: Initially I jumped from one moment to the next very fast without much thinking and previously I got involved in a particular situation very easily, but now I can learn how to see things without being oversensitive. (Rather than projecting, now she accepts that “she is oversensitive”. I think this is the cure. Not being stuck at any level and flowing with a situation is a sign of health.) (Then after one and a half years she is fine, she has no complaint in regard to allergy, constipation and menses. She got three doses of Cortisonum 1MK in total.)


Analysis of case

After completing the history of this case I became confused… is this a mineral case?

Or is it anything else? The central issue of this case is oversensitivity/instability but not as in plants where it usually concerns one sensation and the exactly opposite reaction (active and passive reaction). Here it is more like a mineral where it concerns the presence or absence of a symptom – oversensitivity in this case. Her style of talking is like a mineral but different. Mineral patients speak in terms of lacking something in the structure, here it is stability. Once they have it they are complete. So it is clear to me that her language is unlike mineral cases and as per my knowledge of all other kingdoms this case is neither related to animal, plant, nosode nor imponderabilia. That is why I considered a sarcode and then I referred to all the sarcode remedies and finally I found beautiful references in Murphy’s Materia Medica and my confidence was increased when I saw similar references from the medical dictionary as well.


The references are as follow:

(A) References from Murphy’s material medica for Cortisonum. (Important words written in bold)

  1. Psoric and allergic constitutions
  2. General lack of reaction, decrease of the organic reactional capacity. (Opposite to her state)
  3. Better from menstrual flow
  4. Worse in the morning, worse from heat or sun stroke
  5. Unstable mood, alternating between euphoria and melancholy. (This is related to her state)
  6. Euphoria, quick change of mood. (This is related to fast and immediate action)
  7. Irritability when bus is going too slow. (This is the pace of her state)


(B) References from medical dictionary for cortisone and corticosteroids.

  1. A hormone of the cortex of the adrenal gland
  2. It acts upon carbohydrate metabolism and influences the nutrition and growth of tissues
  3. To the class of steroids belong sterols e. g. cholesterol, bile acids, adrenal hormones, sex hormones and vitamin D
  4. Corticosteroids are largely used in the treatment of allergic reactions
  5. Corticosteroids do not initiate cellular or enzymatic activity, but permit many biochemical reactions to proceed at optimal rates
  6. Used as an anti-inflammatory agent and in the treatment of Addison’s disease
  7. Negative effect is they can reactivate latent infections and mask acute disorders


Analysis according to levels

Nowadays I analyze all my cases according to levels:

A – Level 1 and 2, name and fact

          Allergy, sensitive skin, menses irregular, constipation

B – Level 3, Emotions

          Anger and oversensitivity

C – Level 4, Delusion

           I’m practical and stable

D – Level 5, Sensation.

(a) The sensation that is related to kingdom (sarcode)

          Functioning properly, perfect and appropriate

          Some words… handling/caring, 100% outcome

(b) The sensation that is related to a subkingdom

           This is not clear in this case

(c) The sensation related to substance (source)

          Oversensitivity with fast and immediate action and reaction

          Instability with someone required to handle her

          Two different things are connected and join together with a link (I cannot get any information about this sensation. Not in materia medica, not in provings,       and not on internet. So I think this is my limitation!)

E – Level 6 Energy; pace, speed, movement and color

          Hands flow horizontally with speed when she was describing action and        reaction of oversensitivity. The action and reaction is fast and immediate

          Hands fall in one direction and then in another when she was describing         instability.

          All fingers folded in centre and both hands facing each other when she was    describing two different things connected with a link


Information on sarcodes

Initially I didn’t know anything about sarcodes, but nowadays I gain knowledge from some cases and if I get a chance, I’ll present those cases also.


My understanding of sarcodes is as follows… the sarcode is prepared from healthy tissue or a part. That tissue has a useful and healthy function. So the question arises, why would anybody require a remedy made from useful and healthy tissues? The answer is, because when the whole being responds as if it were that one part, this can be considered as disease and that person requires a sarcode ([7], p. 681). If we understand the behavior of healthy tissue we easily understand sarcodes. The function and usefulness is a healthy tissue’s quality. Healthy tissue functions in an appropriate and perfect way… non hyper function, no hypo function. To work properly, perfectly and appropriately is its aim.


A sarcode is prepared from healthy tissue so it has a direct relation to physiology. The physiological process, phenomenon or function is the sensation of a sarcode. Most of the words related to physiology are sarcode sensation words. For example:

Nutrition, Energy, Filtration, Metabolism,

Digestion, Power, Strength, Balance, Co-ordination,

Cooperation, Handling, Caring, etc


Now let’s look at the Cortisonum case in regard to sarcode sensations. A Cortisonum patient believes that if she cannot become practical or perfect or appropriate then she becomes oversensitive and unstable. Or in other words, if I function (act, talk, walk, react) perfectly, I will not become unstable and oversensitive. This is the disease in her. In this case perfectly, properly, appropriately are sarcode words and those words in regard to function (act, talk, walk, react) is the pattern or language of this sarcode.

All sensation words of a sarcode are in regard to physiological functions, and these include acting, reacting, talking, walking, sleeping, digestion, metabolism, filtration, excretion, etc.


I give some examples of sarcode cases whose language confused me. The patient was talking as if he read a book of physiology. These are some extracted sentences from that case:

“You have some deficiency and because of that you have this allergy.”

“Your body has not capacity to bear that toxic material.”

“Energy is created from food and that energy gives you power. Power made immunity and immunity is required for fighting the allergens.”

“Energy will bring the balance. Energy is generated from your food and that energy will give you whatever your body requires.”

…this is the language of sarcode. In minerals you also find sensation in regard to function, but a mineral’s function is related to structure. The mineral sensation expresses as… I’m missing something or I’m losing something. While sarcode function is expressed as…I must function properly, perfectly, appropriately and as it is required, neither less nor more.


I believe, this is not a complete work in any way; so your feedback is required to strengthen me. If you have any case or proving please share it, because sharing is the important aspect of growing. I believe that I developed because of my group Discovery Forum (run by Dr. Pravin Marselin). In meetings, we share our ideas and that makes us free from prejudice.

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excellent article give up more knowledgeable articles in future.
Thanks for positive feedback.
Fascinating. Starting to make sense of the sarcode energy. Very thorough explanation. Thank you.
Thank you very much for your compliment .

The article is a valuable contribution to the new Materia medica because so far we had very limited knowledge about the sarcodes in the light of Sensation idea.

Now thanks to Dr Kalathia we know more about these important remedies.

Thank you very much for sharing this information, I read it in Links too.

Hi... Mike


Hope we enjoy our interactions in this back ground of HWC. I wish you may enjoy my next article on "Homeopathic Links 3/11". The article was fully described sarcode with the help of Histamine case. Because of publication privacy before publication I didn't able to tell anything today, but we discuss when it published and enjoying flowering energy of newly exposed kingdom. 


I like your company.


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