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I did some work on a Plant Kingdom Database last year.

I set the screen out visually so that you can click on the Plant Order you want to study.

I also associated a database of rubrics to some key thematic concepts, which you can access by scrolling right.  The results window has links back to the Orders.

I hope you enjoy using it - its a student research project so there are no ads and no charges.

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Replies to This Discussion

Fantastic thank you :-)
Hi Stephanie,

Is it possible to upload the database here in an excel format?

I think that this is it:

Dear Viktor,
Viktor, on a practical level I don't have excel on my computer at present, and I'm not very familiar with it's interface to MySQL. I have tried to upload a comma delimited version to Excel but the result was discouraging ... there were lots of problems with the field delimiters.
The other thing is that it took me a very long time to type in all the rubrics ... I'm not sure how I feel about making it completely Public Domain (which is, in effect what it would mean).
Hi Stephanie, am looking for Cajuputum. Wondered if you have done anything on the Myrtaceae family?


where is the database link? request you to share.thank you

Hey GOT IT !Really very well dome stephanie Nile.thanks a lot. 

database is missing here stephanie

How could we explore it.



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