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I did some work on a Plant Kingdom Database last year.

I set the screen out visually so that you can click on the Plant Order you want to study.

I also associated a database of rubrics to some key thematic concepts, which you can access by scrolling right.  The results window has links back to the Orders.

I hope you enjoy using it - its a student research project so there are no ads and no charges.

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I just want to say: I am astounded!
I feel the Richness!
In fact I can not believe my eyes and this is the very truth for me today.

Dear Stephanie, for me it is very difficult to find the right words to describe my delight, admiration and deep respect. Let me just say THANK YOU!

BTW How many people work on this project? 1000?
Dear Stephanie, This is a most extroadinary gift and I thank you for sharing it. Yes, it is rich
at many dimensions and levels and will assisit many I am sure .

Blessings to you and your Family,

Truly a great contribution to the entire Homeopathic Community. Wonderful organized resource. Shows obvious investigative research and understanding. A broad scope of areas brought together. Thank you so much for sharing your work.
No use pretending I'm not delighted with such enthusiasm. It is very contaigous. Thank you all so much :)

I didn't get as far down into revealing the "Sensations" as I would have liked to. On the other hand Sankaran has already given us reliable Family Sensations.

Given the family sensation I use the Project as guide to finding the stage (if you use Scholten's schema) or the miasm (if you use Dr. Rajans schema).

I'm studying the cases in "Structure" at the moment. Its helping me reconcile the diffs between the two approaches. In the cases i'v read (Plumbum is a good example) Ragan used the miasm to find the stage.

Wow! Yet another wonderful pathway into the Periodic Table.
This is an amazing piece of work Stephanie, thankyou very much indeed for sharing this. I am blown away by it!
love Katrina
My vision of the Commelinid Clade from the Plant Kingdom Project ...

Similarities within the Eudicots ...

Very useful and interesting work, beautifully presented...
I wonder......which remedies belong to the Asparagales and which miasm do you atribute them to?
Thanks for your comments, Katrina :)
In the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group Classification (APG) the Asparagales include the following families ...

Alliaceae (Garlic and Onion)
Asparageaceae (Asparagus and Yucca)
Iridaceae (Crocus and Iris)
Orchidaceae (Spiranthes and Vanilla)

I wish we had more info on the Orchidaceae. I reckon Crocus has some Syphilitic themes. Garlic has agglutination of mucous membranes - that could indicate the Sycotic miasm. I think Dr. Sankaran has given his impression of the Maiasms for some of these in his 'Insight into Plants' series.
Thanks Steph,
Yes, I agree about Crocus and Garlic.
Orchids are such a strange variety of plant...growing in no or almost no soil etc those crazy airy root systems and spooky flowers.
Anyway - smiles
i cant access the database - is it still available?
I had to set up an new web-host ... Plants Database


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