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Before any surgical operations the use of various homoeopathic medications are useful. The followings are some indications with their respective medicines:

  • To avoid much pains during after an operation --- Arnica in high potencies to be repeated frequently prior to surgery.
  • In case of bleeding tendencies, if there in no proper similimum to the case ----Phos 30 repeatedly to be given pre-operatively.
  • Fear of death prior to surgery ---- Aconite in high potencies

Post-operative medicines:

  • After removal of impacted wisdom tooth ----- Symphytum in high potency
  • After laparoscopic cholecystectomy ---- Electricitus 200 one dose
  • Great prostration after surgical shock and anesthesia, after injury ---- Acetic acid (Allen)
  • Mechanical injuries from sharp cutting instruments; post surgical operations --- Staphisagria
  • Abscess at the site of suture --- Calendula
  • To promote healthy granulation and prevent excessive suppuration and disfiguring scars --- Calendula
  • Neuritis from lacerated wounds --- Hypericum
  • Neuralgia of stump after amputation --- Allium cepa
  • After several injections ---- Ledum pal 
  • Cannot pass urine in general ward ----- Natrum mur
  • Cannot pass stool in general ward --- Ambra grisea
  • Tympanitis or colic after operation --- Staphisagria

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Replies to This Discussion

Dear Nilanjana, Have you seen some surgical diseases cured Homoeopathically? If we do surgery, don't we need allopathy medicines? Can we be dependent on Homoeopathy medicines exclusively?

Dear Dr.Rajneesh,

When any operative procedures are done, the surgeon will give an antibiotic coverage. It is there in their protocol. There was a surgeon in NIH, who used to do surgery without antibiotic coverage because of his great believe in homoeopathic medicines.

Why antibiotics are given? This is only to avoid infection and sepsis. If a proper sterilized environment is maintained then there is no need of antibiotics. But nowadays no surgeon will do this.

I can only tell you my story, when I underwent an operation of my Impacted wisdom teeth in an O.T. The impaction was severe so the dental surgeon had to do in the operation theature. He was welknown to me, so he allowed me to go for surgery without antibiotic coverage and to take homoeopathic medicines only.

We have to have surgeons who have faith in homoeopathy, rather, who has understanding of homoeopathy. Then only they will do surgery without antibiotics. This again depeneds upon how the homoeopath is, who is working with him. MOst of my friends and collegues are surgeons, may it be dental/orosurgeon, ENT surgeon (with whom I work) .

Surgeons like DR. Hering and Dr.J.N.Majumdar had the understanding so they did homoeopathy so well. 

Dr.D.E.Mistry was a well-known surgeon of Sholapur and he used to use homoeopathic medicines in surgical field. He had a lot of experience and wrote many papers and cases to show how Homoeopathy can help in surgical conditions also.

Dear Dr Rajneesh and Dr Basu

Some years ago I went to a CAM conference where a hypnotherapist gave us a taste of her medicine. What I mean, is she selected someone from the audience (me) to be a subject. I do not remember exactly what happened, but I was immensely impressed by something she demonstrated.

She showed an entire film of her abdominal operation [don't remember if it was hernia or appendix] that she underwent. She required no anesthesia or drugs. She prepared herself in advance using only hypnotherapy.

She told herself through suggestion to have all the blood flow away from the site of surgery, because this was typically a very bloody operation. I watched the entire film and was amazed.

Not only was there very little blood, the operation went much faster and smoother. She awoke quickly without any after-effects of any drugs. Seems like anything is possible. 

Dear Debby, this is possible for some experts only. There are so many Yogis and Sadhus in the himalayas doing so many hypnotism, yoga, etc., but we are talking for all. All of us cannot do it. But with homoeopathic medicines we can have a safe surgery in sterilized environment.
I agree that only person's trained over a lifetime can self hypnotize to the extent that they do not need anesthetics. The point of the story being to express the human capacity to heal, go through surgery, influence the mind, or utilize the energetic medicines of homeopathy.
That's true Debby.

Some homoeopathic Remedy Useful In Pre & Post-operative conditions.
Staphysagria- This remedy is for cuts. The person may be feeling violated in some way after the surgery.
Millefolium- When bleeding does not respond to the Arnica.
Nux Vomica- Indicated for nausea and vomiting after anesthesia.
Acetic Acid- Also for the ill effects of anesthesia.
Phosphorus- Good for anesthesia and vomiting especially if anything swallowed is immediately vomited.
Calendula- good for the tearing of tissues associated to the surgery and for the healing and antiseptic qualities for healing the skin.
Hamamelis Viginica- For hemorrhage from surgery.
Hypericum- for excessive painful response to the surgery or nerve damage.
Bellis Perennis- follows Arnica well and especially useful to trauma of the abdomen.

Thank you Dr.Sarswat for your additions.

Dear Dr. Basu, All medicines are applicable and useful for pre and post surgical operations. In practical at least I have not seen any patient coming to the homoeopath for treatment before operation. After operation, some patients come but with little faith. Those Post- operative cases are easy to handle which had minor operatrions like hernia, tooth extraction and bone fractures. Again those with faith in homoeopathy come and most of the cases are dealt with by allopathy. However, your subject is interesting. Keep it up.

Thank you Sir for replying to the discussion. I am obliged by your words.


When bleeding does not respond to the Arnica :- Ferrum Phos is a great one


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