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Dear Members! 

Homeopaths can use the title "HOMEOPATHIC DOCTOR" under the approved act of 1965 section 39. Send your email to Dr. MAS for the copy of that act. That act was approved by the parliament of Pakistan by 2/3 majority. 

To change or delete that clause 2/3 majority of the parliament is required that is IMPOSSIBLE. The reason is that this government is itself standing on only one extra vote. In 43 years of history of homeopathy this type of attacks from group of ALLOPATHIC DOCTORS are not new. In standing committee, few allopathic doctors initiated that proposal that was turned down by the chairman standing committee, Dr. Nadeem Ehsan 

I personally rang him, got appointment and met him at Lahore on 7th March, 2010 at 6:00 pm. He categorically said no such bill was approved by the STANDING COMMITTEE. It is all media disinformation. At the same moment, he issued clarification to all print and tele media. That clarification was highlighted by the most circulated newspaper Lahore express daily. 

Rest, parliament is the main and supreme authority. If parliament desires that we homeopaths should not use "Doctor" then I will support this decision. Because parliament means the people of Pakistan. If people of Pakistan says, we should not use the title DOCTOR then who I am to protest. Ok. Ask all parliament members to pass that bill. I will accept. I love to be called "HOMEOPATH MAS"

Again in Islamabad, We Graduate Homeopathic Medical Association & Gujrat Homeopathic Doctors Community again met with the Chairman Standing Committee to appreciate him on the approval of HOMEOPATHIC DRUG ACT. Again he said to me not such proposal to prohibit the use of Homeopathic Doctor is under consideration of Standing Committee. 

After his meeting following press release was issue to media. 

See Group Photo 

Much Regards 

Homeopathic practioners slam
‘propaganda’ against profession

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Homeopathic Doctors Action Committee staged a protest demonstration against ‘negative propaganda’ about homeopathic doctors and demanded to include homeopathic method of treatment in the national health policy.

The demo was led by Dr Muhammad Zahir Akhtar, Dr Sabir Sheikh, Dr Hameed and others. They told PPI that the Standing Committee of National Assembly for Health has approved the Homeopathic Drug Act in its meeting held on 6th March, saying that homeopathic doctors should not write ‘doctor’ with their name, instead write ‘homeopath’. 

They said this step has damaged the status of homeopathic doctors throughout the country. The protestors said homeopathic doctors and homeopathic organizations condemn this negative propaganda and want to make it clear that the homeopathic doctors have the right to write “doctor” with their names under article 39 of UAH-Act-1965. 

They said the number of registered homeopathic students is over 0.2 million while 125 homeopathic colleges are registered under the Health Ministry. 

They demand to establish homeopathic dispensaries in Sindh like Punjab and NWFP at the government level. They also demanded to make homeopathic wards in government hospitals and establish a homeopathic university, federal homeopathic hospital and research centre. They also asked the government to give sufficient quota to homeopathic doctors in government jobs.

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dear sir,
its good u hear that u r fighting for homeopathy


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