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Hi, I'm Ayesha. I'm interested in homeopathy in South Amerika. What is the history of homeopathy in South Amerika, and how popular is homeopathy? Do you need to be a medical doctor to practice homeopathy?

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Thanks, Katja,
that was a great help, obviously you have had a lot of input with these essays. Thank you,
Hi Ayesha,

I've seen that you were asking the same question for other continents and countries. Here is an overview about further articles which cover this subject:

Best regards,
In Brazil the government subsidises homoeopathic research for agriculture.
Are you from Brazil?
No, i am from the UK, but i am the man who developed agrohomoeopathy. i was there this summer - NHemi - and visited several Universities where they work with my book on the subject.
Does agrohomeopathy work on the plants, the soil or both?
It works on both. Just like witha human who does not take up minerals. The right remedy fixes everything
How do you give the remedy, in the water, and what potency do you use?
I use 6x, dissolve 20 drops in a litre of water, give 50 succussions and then mix that litre with 19 litres, this you water on the roots. One dose lasts 3 months.
I use remedies against pests, diseases and nutrient problems. Maybe you could join the group
There you will find much information on the subject.


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