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Gaia Health Need I say anymore?

I am a "non-allopathic Homeopath", one who believes in integrating our understandings for the benefit of our patients. I studied long and hard for 4 years and to come in to the world of Practice faced with such resistance and attack is a great personal challenge. Rather than the Practice the practitioners are now being attacked and as I see courses in Homeopathy specifically advertised to those allopathically trained, Homeopathy is increasingly being Practiced by allopathic Practitioners, and I feel this underhanded take over of the Practice is inethical. 

Seriously my passion is waning as a new Practitioner, if I lose my heart I lose my Practice. Positive action is important, agreed, but I do not wish to spend my life campaigning.


I would appreciate reading others thoughts about how they deal with links such as the above.


With Thanks




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Thanks a lot Kay.
Homoeopathy is being practiced by allopathic practitioners. In India, allopathic practitioners prescribe  Auyurvedic, Sidha, Homoeopathy and even bio-chemic (Tissue) medicines during their practice.  But they themselves called them "their medicines are the only scientific!"
This all is due to their inferiorty complex..... Homoeopaths are wonderful and honest.....
Your few words say very much Dr Rajneesh, thank you warmly

Good morning Kay

Whilst I fully agree that Homeopathy is under attack by Big Pharma-funded reductionists (the self-styled sceptics), I must say that I have not heard of ANY moves or plans to make Homeopathy allopathic-doctor-only.


The Society of Homeopaths over here (and I speak here as purely a member, not as a spokesperson in any way) informed us that there is no basis for this fear whatsoever.

If you have any proof to the contrary, I would love to hear of it, please

With best wishes


Kay,  I did edit - and expand - my previous post but the editing does not seem to have been saved.


I said words to the effect that I believe strongly that 2011 will go down in history as "The Year Homeopathy Got Off Its Knees and Fought Back!"... There are some powerful long-term initiatives being implemented, as seen in the form of powerful campaigning websites ... from Canada and the UK's own


The meeting organised by The Homeopathy Action Trust and others last year that saw 70 homeopaths from around the world gather here in the UK to develop a long-term strategy.


You can view a short YouTube film about the gathering:


You can read the opening speech at


I feel that it is imperative that we keep our nerve, become TRULY ASSERTIVE and just go out into the world and encourage others to support us. If we allow oursleves to focus on the fear, the loss of our livelihoods, the loss of our rights to practice, we can take off in any number of 'remedy pictures' ... Staphisagria, Anacardium, Aurum, Pulsatill;a ... the list goes on and on, doesn't it.


The beauty of Communities such as HWC is that we can support each other, en-COURAGE each other and bring our anxieties to each other to discuss them.


Best wishes



They are using all possible ways to attack Homeopathy; they may even use an atom-bomb. We must be proactive!


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