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Government of India has done a lot for Homoeopthy.

Establishment of world's first Homoeopathy University.

Postgraduate courses (MD) in 7  subjects---

  Materia medica

  Organon and Homoeopathic Philosophy



  Practice of Medicine



and now has decided to start 4 new ones-- (MD)


  Forencic medicine and toxicology




Four New Post Graduate Courses For Homeopaths

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Homeopathy is in fact flourishing in India and India has become surely a homeopathy hub. Facts speak for themselves. India has the largest pool of homeopaths in the world, over five lakhs (half a million). Part of the credit goes to the government of India for  trying to develop and promote the Indian system of medicines in an organized and scientific manner by involvement & integration of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) systems in national health-care delivery. India has the highest number of homeopathic colleges and highest number of homeopathic practitioners in the world. Under the department of AYUSH, there are 245 homeopathic hospitals, 6958 dispensaries, around 2.4 lakhs (240,000) registered practitioners, 185 Undergraduate and 33 Post-graduate colleges in India (As on 1/4/2010).


   Followers of this medicine are growing surely and steadily. In fact homeopathy is being viewed as the mainstream form of medicine in India. Classic homeopathic books written by old masters like, Kent, M.L.Tyler, Clarke, Boericke, Jahr, E.B.Nash, H.C.Allen & others would have long disappeared but were all republished in India for home use and exports to countries where homeopathy is gaining popularity. India has become the largest publisher of homeopathic books.


George Vithoulkas, from Greece is widely regarded as “the maestro of classical homoeopathy”. Nothing seems to excite him more than the thought of his days in India. He studied homoeopathy in South Africa and in Kolkata. He passed out from the Indian Institute of Homeopathy, Calcutta in 1966 and returned to Greece to practice and teach homeopathy there. He said in an interview a few years back, “it is heartening to see homoeopathy growing in India at a fast clip. For the record, the homoeopathic market is expected to double in the country to Rs 5,873 crore in five years.” He offers a reason for this growth, "Morality and spirituality in its essential sense are stronger in India than other countries." 



Thanks a lot Dr. Kuldip for detailed information.


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