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Hi all,

This matter of side effects in homeopathy has not been discussed much.
Researchers seem to occupy themselves intensively upon proving the effectiveness of homeopathy but not much research has been done upon side effects in homeopathy.
Do anyone knows any article related to this topic or any bibliography related to side effects of homeopathy?

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yes, i agree that aggravations or therapeutic crisis might look as 'side effects' to someone who has not recieved any education upon alternative therapies.
But what we homeopaths know is that homeopathic remedies except of causing aggravations or theapeutic crisis are capable enough to cause accessory symptoms as well. Hahnemann spoke about it and i have seen it in my practice too. Accessory symptom is an added symptom as exactly side effect symptoms for chemical allopathic drugs. Don't you think so?
I do want to quote a warning aphorism from organon where Hahnemann has mentioned about such harmful effects.
Aphorism 275:
The suitableness of a medicine for any given case of disease does not depend on its accurate homoeopathic selection alone, but likewise on the proper size, or rather smallness, of the dose. If we give TOO STRONG A DOSE of a medicine which may have been EVEN QUITE HOMOEOPATHICALLY Chosen for the morbid state before us , it must, not with standing the inherent beneficial character of its nature, prove INJURIOUS by its Mere magnitude, and by the unnecessary , too strong impression which by virtue of its homoeopathic similarity of action , it makes upon the vital force which it attacks and, through the vital force, upon those parts of the organism which are the most sensitive, and are most affected by the natural disease.

So Hahnemann Himself has warned about the homoeopathic harmful effects, this will suit to those who throw large doses on the patients with the homoeopathic medicines.

and also in the Aphorism 291, he says...."For this purpose, such baths are to be used for more than momentary durations, rather for minutes and of gradually lowered, they are palliative , which since it acts only physically has no connection with the disadvantage of a reverse action to be feared afterwards, AS TAKES PLACE WITH THE DYNAMIC PALLIATIVES.

Here what he means as dynamic palliatives? Homoeopathic medicines are the only dynamic medicinal agents, so any homoeopathic palliative can give adverse effects, very clearly mentioned as "reverse action feared afterwards" so dont be misuse of homoeopathic medicines by assuming that it has no side effects.

Any homoeopathic medicine which are used in out of line with its cardinal principles will definitely give side effects.

Side effect is a lay man language, the meaning of it is harmful Effects or unwante effects after the intake of medicine persisting for a long or short time duration, this includes all the aggravations, accessory symptoms discussed above. A Homoeopathic simillimum will not express those things, it gives only an ideal cure with rapid, gentle , permanent restoration of health.
I agree with your opinion Gina.
Side effect does exist in homeopathy.

Simply try to understand, how proving was carried out? (of a medicine) Say “Belladonna”

Homeo medicine in crude form (Extract of Belladonna), or in potency form was given to healthy person. Administration of the remedy was repeated again till the response was obtained in the form of sign and symptoms called proving symptoms (may be called side effects of belladonna administration) of the healthy person.

Now in patients we use the SAME HOMEO MEDICINE in LOW QUANTITY obviously it will definitely produce the same set of symptoms in patient too because there is NO sensor attached with homeopathic remedies that can detect or differentiate between a patient or healthy person.

Remember: Belladonna in medicinal form will produce a set of symptom it will again produce the same set of symptom in potency form.

If you are giving a homeo medicine/remedies without taking care of patient’s symptoms then definitely it will produce side effects and if patients own symptoms are aggravated then it is not called side effect. In that case, it is called aggravation.
Dear Margarita

Before i proceed to write anything further, i'd like to know what you mean by side effects.


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