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Tips of Dr D P Rastogi Please help me understand what the good doctor meant by torments others and zinc metallicum


Do you have a case to further explain how one is tormented?


torment is a very strong wordnounmonths of mental and emotional tormentagonysufferingtorturepainanguish, was a torment to see him like thatordealafflictionscourgecurseplague,banethorn in someone's side/fleshcross to bearsorrowtribulationtrouble.verbshe was tormented by shametortureafflictrackharrowplaguehauntbedevildistressagonize.she began to torment the two younger boysteasetauntbaitharassprovokegoad,plaguebothertroublepersecuteinformal needle.

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Yes Debby. The case was Dr.D.P.Rastogi's. He was treating a very high profile person of India for stoppage of ear. He was given some medicines for that. The above mentioned person used to call Sir 5-6 times a day for some petty things. Sir said though he was holding such a high position, he is calling by himself every time and tormenting Dr.Rastogi. That was the feeling Sir had. He looked upon the repertory where the rubric was Tormenting others and Zincum was the medicine.

That's the story. Longing to hear more of such cases and stories from him......

God has given me many memorable things the last year, good and bad. He has taken away my dearest Father in April, my friend in August and lastly my dearest Sir in december.


Torment is a very strong word. Are there other cases where success was reached using this remedy? I would love to read them. We know that 'restless leg syndrome' is listed for zinc.
Sorry DEbby,I knew one case as cited by Dr.Rastogi.
That's okay. Just trying to learn more about this remedy and to understand how to apply when someone says they are tormented. Wondering also if a person needing zinc also feels like they are being tormented? I will have to read more.
It is the behaviour of the patient that tormented the physician. The patient needs Zincum.

Tormenting everyone with his complaints : Agaricus, Psorinum , And Zincum.

  Over-active mind and ideas abundant. Loquacity.
   DISCONTENTED and complaining. Torments everyone with his complaints


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