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When sending several pellets of a remedy with a client for their dog is there any harm sending it in a small 1 1/2 inch by 2 inch plastic zip lock baggie?  Some Veterinarians put the remedy in a small paper envelope.  

The dog owner will put the pellet under the pet's tongue which works a lot better than putting it in water in a glass vial. You lose too much of the remedy trying to pour liquid into the dog's mouth.

When you answer please explain fully.

Thank you for all you do for Wellness,


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I have put remedies into small plastic bags and they have been fine, I have then put them into a plain envelope to keep out the light. Remedies do not like to be exposed to daylight. I have treated several animals. Some animals will take a pillule off a spoon, and others I have treated, the owners have dropped the remedy into their drinking bowl and stirred gently when dissolved, (they have reduced the amount of water in the bowl to ensure it is all drunk.)

Hi Anita, thank you for your response. 

Sorry my response is so late.

I agree the plastic bags are good and understood the same as you do that the remedies

should be kept out of the light.

Bye for now,

Hello Vickie:  I tend to think it's okay too.  As a pet owner who has had her pets in treatment, I have learned to make medicinal solutions.  You might consider doing that with your clients.  Why?  Well, for me, it was part of the learning process that made me a more "hands on" pet owner.  Of course, many pet owners might not think they have time to make remedies for their pets or may not be interested in learning like I am!

Anyway, nice to meet you here.



Hi Vicki, Thank you for your response too.  I appreciate it.  You both have helped me feel confident about dispensing pellets in plastic or drinking water.

Bye for now,


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