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Keynote prescribing is one of the artistic method of homoeopathy. Share your experience on keynote prescribing.

Guerensy was the first to talk about Keynote prescription, followed by Lippe and H.C.Allen


One of my case ----

A female presented with history of intermittent episodes of amenorrheoa since 2-3 years.

Keynote:- Her sleep was sound but whenever she was asked about some thing when she is asleep, she answers correctly and sleeps back. She doesn't remember when awake.


Arnica helped to establish her menstruation regularly.

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  • Spine: after a fall; slightest motion of arms or neck extorts cries; spine very sensitive to touch ---- Hypericum
  • Sacrum: extreme sensitiveness; cannot bear the slightest touch, even of a soft pillow; sits
    leaning forward to avoid contact with clothes. ---- Lobelia inflata
  • Burning : in spots along the spine; between the scapulae ; or intense heat running up the back ---- Phosphorus

  • as of a piece of ice, between scapulae ----- Lachnanthes

  • Burning along spine and great weakness of spine and back; softening of cord ---- Picric acid

  • Spinal affections; burning whole length of spine; backache much < from sitting > by walking about -- Zincum met

Swelling of upper eyelids  ----- Kali carb

Swelling of lower eyelids ------- Apis mel

Swelling around the eyes/both eyelids  -----Phosporus

I had a case of cough and cold with nasal stuffiness, which started after sitting on the ground that was cold. Nux vomica was prescribed with results.
Keynotes: - Sensation of round ball in forehead sitting firmly there even when shaking his head.
- Extreme hunger even when stomach is full of food.
- Sensation as if stomach and abdomen were hanging down relaxed.
- Sleepy all day, sleepless al night, body aches all over.
Nucleus of remedy: - Bad effects of sexual abuse, sexual excesses, onanism, complaints with increased desire, causing both physical and mental symptoms.
- Bad effects of suppressed emotions especially suppressed anger, indignation, chronic suppressions. Staphysagria absorbs griefs.
- Low spirited, depressed individuals with a guilty, abashed feeling.
- No anger - feel guilty where they might have been angry.
- Very sensitive, with nervous affection and trembling.
Confirmatory Symptoms: -A/F sexual abuse, onanism, suppressed emotions, anger, indignation etc.
Clinical Condition: - Cerebral accidents, Chorea, Condylomata, Cystitis, Depression, Enuresis, Insomnia, Orchitis, Peptic ulcer, Post-surgical pain, Prostatitis, Psoriasis, Strabismus, Styes, Tics.
- Weeping without tears in children-
Thanks for your additions Dr.Sarswat.
in a case of uterine pain which was better by lying on back, onosmodium brought great relief to the patient, and never again she suffered from it, another key note of onosmodium is that patient feels born tired.
A case of sore throat with desire for raw tomatoes,felt relief after a few doses of Ferrum met.
A case of confluent eruptions with thick scabs on dorsum of feet responded well to cicuta virosa, although graphites was also given earlier when the eruptions were discharging sticky fluid.
Good cases Dr.Poonam. Thanks for your contibution.
I had a case of Right-sided tubercular lymphadenopathy. His peculiarity was that the shirt button was open till the chest. He was not wearing any vest inside. I asked him to show his tongue, it was trembling so much so that he held it between the teeth. Lachesis was the medicine which reduced the swelling.


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