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Keynote prescribing is one of the artistic method of homoeopathy. Share your experience on keynote prescribing.

Guerensy was the first to talk about Keynote prescription, followed by Lippe and H.C.Allen


One of my case ----

A female presented with history of intermittent episodes of amenorrheoa since 2-3 years.

Keynote:- Her sleep was sound but whenever she was asked about some thing when she is asleep, she answers correctly and sleeps back. She doesn't remember when awake.


Arnica helped to establish her menstruation regularly.

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right dr.nilanjana!"unconsiciousness: when spoken to answers correctly, but unconsciousness delirium at once the key note.

Thanks Dr.Ravindra

A patient had mental retardation. She was 15 years old, she was consulted for diarrhoea since long. A peculiar symptom narrated by the father was, when she was being brought down stairs she was screaming, which she never did earlier.

Borax was prescibed with great relief.

good Rx dr.nilanjana!..  "DREAD OF DOWNWARD MOTION" in nearly all complaints of BORAX.

mind: extreme anxiety, esp. from motions which love a downward direction, rocking, being carried down stairs. Anxious expression of face during downward motion.

Thanks Dr.Ravindra

peace wasalam

Keynote Prescription was the 1st method that l m khan teach us and ask us to master.

This is a very popular method used in Kolkata. It needs high precision and great knowledge of materia medica.
Baptisia : In whatever position the patient lies, the parts rested upon feel sore and bruised (Pyr.-compare, Arn., Pyr.), All complaints are associated with offensive discharges of the body.
Dr.Vikas, can you please post cases on keynote prescription and enrich this discussion. And thank you for the keynotes on Baptisia.

Sure Dr. Basu

Few days back i was at my clinic and was busy with my patients. Suddenly i heared loud noises of people shouting in panic, my staff told me sir that there is an emergency , a girl is there. I went out and saw that  the girl was having convulsions and was bathed profusely in sweat , but the sweat had typical smell of garlic, i asked for how long she is suffering? Her mother told she is not having her menses regularly, it is delayed, since 6 months she had no  menses,     

                                                                                       Suddenly the patient again had the attack of seizure they all started crying, do something doctor! The first medicine which striked my mind was Artemesia Vulgaris i gave her one drop dose on tongue. To my surprise the storm of convulsion immediately subsided and she slept for 3 hrs at my clinic and did not get the seizure attack. Her menses started on the very next day . As on now she is showing consistent improvement in her overall health.

Awesome quick thinking. 

PERSPIRATION: Garlicky odor: adam, ART-V, BOV, calag, KALI-P, LACH, latex, lyc, osm, ozone, phos, salx-f, SULPH, TELL, thuj

FEMALE: menses; absent, amenorrhea

Art-v was not listed for the narrower rubric 'in young girls'

Art-v is known for convulsions, epilepsy, spasm, gestures

What other rubrics would you use? I could not find ART-V for menses delay.

This can be find in Materia madica by S.K.Banerjea, and in

 Complete Dynamics in the rubric : Menses Supressed, Convulsions During

Artemisia vulgaris as in Boericke :
 * Has some reputation as a remedy for epileptic conditions, and convulsive diseases of childhood and girls at puberty.


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