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Dear Friends Glycerinum is a medicine which is less used, but it's a very useful deep acting remedy, so just to share this lesser known remedy .

 General symptoms

 - The first symptoms developed by glycerine is headache with a sense of fullness in the head and throbbing, aggravated by motion; dullness of the mind; a sense of mental and physical weakness; restless sleep and dreaming; much physical languor almost to a state of utter prostration.
 - Loss of appetite, cosntipation, profuse urination with traces of sugar.
 - Catarrh of the naso-pharynx.

 Mental and head symptoms

 - Headache for entire day.
 - Heavy feeling in the head, better after every meal.
 - Throbbing in the temple arteries, aggravated on exertion.
 - Frequently confused; inability to analyze work; forgetfulness as to details.
 - It positively produces a severe headache two days before menstruation.
 - This was entirely relieved when the flow was established.
 - Sensationof fullness and pressure in the occiput.
 - Flushing of the face, followed by a sallow, sickly look.


 - Stoppage of the nose, an early symptom of all provers.
 - Nose is stuffed up, but there is a considerable postnasal dripping.
 - Discharge from the anterior nose; first thin and watery, later profuse and yellow.
 - Excessive sneezing, usually worse in the evening.
 - The discharge from the anterior nares is irritating.
 - The coryza is aggravated towards evening.
 - A teasing, dry sensation in the nose causing sniffling and a sensation of crawling on the mucous membrane.


 - Excessive dryness of the mucous membrane in the mouth with thirst and drinking water relieves but for a short time.
 - Sense of heat and feverishness in the nose, throat and mouth; sweetish taste in the mouth.
 - Mouth pasty, insipid; lip become dry and cracked.

 Chest and heart

 - Sense of fullness and tightness in the chest.
 - Glycerine produces a hacking cough and a great sense of weakness accompanies a short hacking cough; the cough seems to follow the coryza.
 - Palpitation with dyspnoea.
 - Chest seems too full or as if the heart took up too much room.
 - Concussive, jarring cough.


 - Fulgurating pains in the left lumbar region, aggravated on changing position.
 - Dull pain across the lumbosacral region, passing into the left inguinal region.
 - There is a sense of weakness and prostration accompanying the backache.

 Stomach and abdomen

 - Loss of appetite in the beginning; later on, excessive hunger, enjoying meals and feeling strong.
 - The provers expressed themselves as never having felt stronger or better in their lives as after a good, substantial meal.
 - Fermentation short, incomplete eructations, burning in the pit of the stomach and along the esophagus; gurgling in the bowels.
 - Primarily a sense of weakness and goneness in the abdomen.
 - After taking Glycerine for three weeks this disappeared with a sense of rejuvenation in the abdomen.
 - Constipation was a constant and very permanent symptom in the early part of the proving.
 - Stools were hard, dry, sometimes large, sometimes ball-like, always with great urging, and in one case with fissuring of the anus.
 - Chronic constipation was cleared up.

 Urinary organs

 - The primary effects are to produce profuse and frequent urination annoying the patient at night, which had never been the case before.
 - There was produced burning sensation in the urethra during micturition, occasionally severe pains during the act, which extended to the shoulders and upper part of the chest.
 - The analysis of the urine in one case showed sugar, and this has been verified as curative in clinical work.
 - The specific gravity increased to 1.030.


 - Seminal emissions which had been regular, ceased during the proving; testicles and scrotum became firmer, and a general sense of tonicity took place; the remedy did produce a tonic effect on the urogenital tract.


 - After taking Glycerine continually for five weeks the provers (two nurse) who had been regular and normal in their menstrual flow from adolescence, developed a very profuse menstrual flow, lasting from ten to twelve days, with bearing-down heaviness in the uterine region.
 - The flow was bright red, with occasional small clot.
 - After discontinuing the Glycerine the next flow was normal as to quantity.
 - There months afterwards, after the persistent use of Glycerine for four weeks, the same condition of profuse bright flow ensued, accompanied by weakness.
 - A general sense of exhaustion and aggravation when moving about on the feet.
 - The flow came on about five days ahead of time.
 - The weakness was accompanied by some perspiration, coldness of the feet similar to Calcarea carbonica.


 - Severe pains of rheumatic type from head to feet.
 - Deep, hard, painful aching in the deltoid muscles, the trapezius and pectoral muscles, lumbar muscles and hips.
 - The effects on the prover's feet was interesting.
 - They were painful and hot, with a sensation as though they were enlarged.
 - The muscular pains were of a remittent type; they would come, last a while, and go, only to return again.
 - After the primary effects of the drug were over the majority of the provers gained in weight and had a sense of well-being about them.

 Nervous system

 - Severe nervousness throughtout the day, with increased urination.
 - The more excitable and fidgety the patients felt, the more frequently they were called upon to urinate.
 - Tired, weary lackadaisical sensation with much mental disturbance about trifles.
 - Gloomy at times, typical neurasthenic state.
 - In the beginning sleep was restless, disturbed by dream of a non-descriptive character, and fullness in the head, with a feeling of indifference and general broken-up state in the morning.
 - Later on the prover slept soundly, a quiet dreamless sleep, and awoke feeling like a new man.


 - Acne vulgaris cleared up entirely on two students while proving Glycerine.
 - After the primary effects of weakness and exhaustion passed and the prover began to feel well, the acne gradually disappeared.


 - Both male and female provers developed rise in temperature and also increase in blood pressure to the extent of from 20 to 30 millimeters.

 - A critical analysis of the provers shows, first, that Glycerine is capable of disturbing the nutrition of the vital economy in its primary action, and secondly, it seems to improve the general state of nutrition.

 - Compare Lactic Acid; Gelsemium.

Source : ANSHUTZ .E.P ( New old and forgotten remedies )

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