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No books and articles can replace the classical books written by the great masters! But, as a supporting tool, here the commonly used drugs belonging to the Magnesium group are described in a capsule form for easy reference, especially for busy practitioners who do not get time to read large volumes of Meteria medica on regular basis.

No books and articles can replace the classical books written by the great
masters! But, as a supporting tool, here the commonly used drugs belonging to
the Magnesium group are described in a capsule form for easy reference,
especially for busy practitioners who do not get time to read large volumes of Meteria medica on regular basis.

Here the symptoms are arranged according to the Hahnemannian schema. For
convience, the symptoms are given under the headings like Mind, Causation, Location, Sensation, Aggravation, Amelioration and Concomitants. The Sensation contains delusions, general sensations and sensations related with different body parts. The Aggravation and Amelioration section contains particular modalities followed by general modalities. Generals are included along with the Concomitants. The miasmatic indications, thermal modalities and drug relationships are also indicated.


Magnesium Carbonicum

Mind: Inquietude; Anxiety during day >when going to bed; Easily hurt; Sensitive to what others talk about him; Reserved; Fears as if some accident would happen; Sad mood with indisposition to talk; Forsaken feeling; Absentminded.

Causation: Ailments from mental distress, shocks, blows, pregnancy, dentition, cutting wisdom teeth, injudicious feeding; Headache after vexation; Toothache from motion of carriage; Fail to thrive from GIT disorder; Toothache during pregnancy; Stomach pain from milk; Constipation from nervous strain/mental strain.

Location: Left sided neuralgias; Pain above margin of right orbit; Corneal opacity; Itchy vesicles on hands and fingers; Pain in right shoulder joint; Swelling of bend of knee; Nodosities under skin.

Sensation: Sensitive to least start, noise, touch; Heaviness and dizziness in head; Intense neuralgic pains; Lighting like pains; Black spot before sight; Teeth feel too long; Whole body painfully sensitive.

Aggravation: Headache< mental exertion; Facial pain< quiet, rest, night, cold wind; Toothache<night, cold, quiet; Chest soreness<motion.

General <warmth of bed, change of temperature, cold wind, 3 weeks, menses,
pregnancy, 3 AM, after sleep, milk.

Amelioration: Facial pain> moving about, pressure; Toothache> motion. Menstrual pain>pressure, stooping.  General> warm air, walking open air, motion.

Anxious with perspiration; Hardness of hearing with humming; Sour taste; Sore throat/coryza before menses; Desire for fruits, acids, meat; Sour eructations; Bitter vomiting; GIT catarrh with acidity; Rumbling in abdomen with heaviness; Stools preceded by gripping colic; Stool green, watery, frothy like scum on a frog pond; Milk undigested in nursing children; Involuntary urination on walking/raising from seat; Prostate discharge during walking; Uterine troubles with numbness & distention of various parts; Menses too late, scanty, dark, pitch like, flows only in sleep< night, lying, flow ceases when walking; Abdominal cramps before leucorrhea; Cough with tickling in throat ; Fidgety of legs; Dryness of skin with itching; Body and discharges sour smelling.

Thermals: C3 H1

Miasm: Psora: ■ ■ Sycosis: ■

Drug relation: Complements: cham. Remedies that follow well: caust,
phos, puls, sep, sulph. Antidotes: ars, cham, merc, nux v, puls, rheum.


Magnesium Muriaticum

Mind: Disinclined to talk; Home sickness; Restless; Unable to relax; Depressed; Fear of mice; Anxiety on lying down & closing eyes; Suppressed emotions; Wants others happy; Tries to resolve conflicts; Pacifists; Strong sense of duty; Sensitive to confrontation.

Causation: Ailments from quarrels, even between others, sea bathing;
Loss of smell &taste following catarrh; Diarrhea from milk; Backache after coition; Weakness after sea bathing.

Location: Yellow tongue; Bloated abdomen; Liver hard, enlarged.

Sensation: Sensitive to noise; Sensation of ball rising from abdomen.

Aggravation: Headache<open air, motion; Nasal blocking at night; Facial neuralgia <damp weather; Toothache< food touches the teeth; Liver pain<lying on rt side, after food; Leucorrhea after stool,<motion.

General<mental exertion, immediately after eating, lying on rt side, sea
bathing, cold, morning, 3am, slight touch, milk, salty food.

Amelioration: Confusion>wrapping up head; Headache>strong
pressure, wrapping warmly; Facial neuralgia>pressure, warmth; Palpitation>moving; Backache>motion.
General> pressure, gentle motion, cool open air (except headache).

Concomitants/generals: Acne before menses; Loss of smell & taste;
Eructation like rotten eggs; Desire for sweets, fruits; Aversion to fat, vegetables; Cant digest milk; Liver troubles with functional cardiac affections; Constipation with liver affections; Stools like sheep dung, crumbling at verge of anus; Can urinate only by pressing with abdominal muscles; Urine will not flow while standing but passes while walking; Menses black clotted; Uterine cramps followed by leucorrhea; Chill even near fire; Uncover feet though chilly.

Thermals: C1 H2

Miasm: Psora: ■ ■ Sycosis: ■ Tubercular: ■

Drug relation: Remedies that follow well: Bell, lyc, nat.m, nux, puls, sep. Antidotes: Ars, camph, cham, nux.


Magnesium Phosphoricum

Mind: Capricious; Irritable; Laments all the time about pain, with hiccoughing; Illusions of senses; Talks to herself; Convulsive weeping; Carrying things from one place to another &back again; Indisposed to mental exertion; Cant think clearly.

Causation: Ailments from standing in cold water, working in clay; Enuresis after catheterization; Writers cramp; Cramps after exertion; Sleepless from indigestion.

Location: Right sided complaints; Intercostal neuralgia; Right sided neuralgias.

Sensation: Oversensitive; Sensation of contents of head were liquid, parts of brain were changing place, cap on head; Pains sharp, cutting, shooting, comes &goes like lightening, changes place rapidly.

Aggravation: Headache<cold; Neuralgic earache< going to cold air,
washing face with cold water; Toothache<pressure, cold; Sciatica<cold, rt side.
General<rt side, cold air, cold bathing, motion, touch, night.

Amelioration: Pain>pressure, heat; Vertigo>walking in open air; Headache>pressure, warmth; Toothache>heat, hot drinks; Colic>pressure, bending double, rubbing, warmth; Menstrual pain>when flow begins, heat, bending double; Sciatica>heat, pressure.

General >warmth, bending double, pressure, friction.

Concomitants/generals: Great dread of uncovering, touching affected
part, cold air, cold bathing; Fall forwards on closing eyes; Thirst for cold drinks; Belching of gas gives no relief; Must loose clothing due to bloating; Menses early, dark, stringy; Spasmodic cough with difficulty in lying down; Angina with constricting sensation; Spasms without febrile symptoms; Muscle cramps with radiating pains; Muscular weakness; Chills followed by suffocative sensation.

Thermals: C3 H1

Miasm: Psora: ■

Drug relation: Antidoted by: Bell, gels, lach.

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2. New manual of Hom. Materia Medica – Dr W Boericke – B Jain publishers, New
3. Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica – Dr Clarke J H – B Jain publishers,
New Delhi.
4. Condensed M M & Repertory – Dr Clarke J H – B Jain publishers, New
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7. Evaluation of Remedy’s Thermal State –Dr Siju P V – IBPS, New Delhi.
8. Miasmatic Diagnosis –Dr S K Banergea – B Jain publishers, New Delhi.
9. Radar – Archibel – B Jain publishers, New Delhi.

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Replies to This Discussion

Informative Article indeed, Few note worthy symptoms of Magnesia carb:
, FEELS AS IF NOT BELOVED by his parents, friends, etc.
- Intolerant of disharmony. Sensitive to what people think about them.
- Reserved. Easily hurt and depressed.
- Sensitive to noise, touch, etc.
- Remedy often seen in orphans, abandoned children . Also adopted children.
- Can be very irritable, Discontented.
- Anxiety and fears all through the day, agg. warm food, amel. going to bed.
- Biting nails in anxitey .
Some Group symptoms of megnesia or megnecium


An earth metal which is present in mitochondria of cells, which are the power houses of the cells. Helps in process of oxidation. Helps in Ca+ metabolism (Deficiency of Mg leads to hypocalcemia and therefore in neuro-muscular transmission). It is a component of RNA and DNA.

Psoric, Sycotic, Syphilitic, Tubercular.
Rheumatic and Gouty diathesis .
Exudative and hemorrhagic diathesis
Uraemic and lithaemic diathesis.

Ailments from :
Suppressed discharges, eruptions.
Loss of fluids.
Tobacco / Alcohol.
Deep acting constitutional remedies.
Tendency to spasmodic affections spasms, cramps, convulsions, tremors, epilepsy etc.
Tendency to relaxation of tissues . Prolapse, bearing down. Ptosis. Subluxations, sprains, strains etc. Varicosity. Incontinence. Herniations.
Poor Reaction :
Poor reaction to suppuration ; Scar formation.
Nutrition :
Poor assimilation (in rickets, worms, etc.)
Children with malnutrition and emaciation.
Pain :
Crampy, cutting, boring, stitching, tearing, band like.
< Touch
> Rubing
> Motion
Periodicity :
Every 2nd or 21st day.
Special affinity for glands :
Lymph glands, thyroid, endocrine glands, prostate etc.
Discharges :-
Black, pitch-like. Profuse, sour smelling sticky, lumpy. Stains the clothes.
Craving: Fruits, meat, sour, sweet.

A mental condition arising from lack of love, affection and recognition, esp. in childhood. Rejected children, orphans.
In rejected children, Mag. finds it's place as a remedy. Due to rejection, there is a greater than usual frustration, as the demands are not fulfilled.
Demands in the form of love, affection, security and recognition. These produce a conflict in them and ultimately anxiety is manifested in dreams and delusions. Dreams of robbers. Dreams of dead. Dreams of being lost in a forest.
Neglected feeling with suppressed emotions
Mental weakness and lethargy
Pacifism: According to Vithoulkas, Magnesiums hate aggression. They get very disturbed by violence. They hate quarrels as quarrels tend to break relationships, which they cannot bear.
Thanks for adding more flavour to this article.

Hi there

Interesting to read the contributions.

I have just been working on a Magnesium Case and came across this table of comparison I made years ago between Mag Carb, Phos, Mur and Sulph - thought it would be useful in this discussion.


Just found some more information


Thanks,very much helpful.


Thanks for the comments.

Thanks. It is very informative.


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