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Turkey Vultures

Falco peregrinus

Bald Eagle

Andean Condor


Red tailed Hawk


Cathartes aura


I understand this remedy by provings and different cases.

These are the issues of the remedy…



  • Hair was a recurring theme in the proving as it is for the vulture. Vultures by necessity become bald to prevent infection.
  • Foraging for food and rummaging through old things were recurrent themes. (Vulture are frequent forager)
  • Taking care and guardian to the others (Vultures lives in group)


Core issue:

  • The central theme is soaring associated with themes of flight, flying and floating sensations. (Soaring is specific to vulture)
  • The feeling was that of feeling calm, centered, peaceful and content while flying. (The vulture is vulnerable on the ground.)
  • Phoenix rising from the ashes. (The phoenix is a bird that through purification it disintegrating and develop further from its ashes.)… transformation and changed.
  • Probably Leprosy miasm



Physical General:

  • Chilliness and left sided


Physical Particular:

  • Tendency to abscess formation
  • Most effected area is the throat
  • Itching with strong feeling of formication

General Themes

(A) Transformation or change

  • Catharsis/Phoenix
  • Purification
  • Death/Rebirth
  • Vision/New Vision

(B) Soaring v/s vulnerability

  • Watching/Looking
  • Floating/Soaring/Falling/Heights
  • Calmness/Peacefulness/Contentment/Confidence
  • Getting Away With Something
  • Feeling of Panic
  • Ground

(C) Leprosy miasm

  • Animals Peeing/Defecating
  • Cleaning Out

(D) Extra

  • Huge Amount
  • Warning followed By Biting
  • Message/Communication
  • Guardian/Care Taking

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Replies to This Discussion

Thank you for adding to our knowledge of bird remedies.

I am interested to learn the difference between the birds. How is the vulture different from the eagle in light of soaring and floating sensations? Do they purposely pluck out their feathers, or do they pull them out due to irritation from infections or insects in the skin? What other birds are similar?

Have you ever found this remedy useful for a case?  

I think... I also had same feeling about the birds, when I attend the case I get easily bird themes but differentiating them is very difficult. So I try my best... Please refer my new discussion.

I think you like it.

See you very soon!!!!


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