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Dear Doctors,

A case at hand 23 years F educated. Compulsion to wash hands and take a bath. Finishes a soap bar in 2 days...faster during menses. Prejudiced...drivers and people from lower strata. If she feels their spit has fallen while they talk she has to go and take a bath.

She is lean and has lost weight in the past few months.

Appreciate feedback from professional who have managed  similar case.

Plat 1M prescribed as of now.

Thanks and Regards

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Dear sir,
The flower remedies White chestnut and crab apple may be helpful for this patient.
Syphilinum has this compulsive disorder,but we need whole case to prescribe
Haughty( Kent)
Disposition of being Haughty , contempt of others( Boericke)
Lean Persons( Hering)

Remedies : Plat,Ipec,Sul

So selection of Plat 1M is justified
Dear dr. I have cured two cases of obssessive compulsive disorder one with Psorinum and another syphilinum. in your case it seems he needed Arsenic. after that u can consider syphilinum.
Dear Doctors,
Thanks for your inputs.
Syph does have this single symptom prominently...but I prefer not starting a case treatment with a nosode unless it comes up as a similinum
dear dr. i've suggested syphi if patient is syphilitic but first we need to start the case with his constitutional medicine.
dear dr. point taken.
the case needs more elaboration for prescription of platina as OCD is part of many remedies
nux-v 3 mks
ars- 2mks
nat, arg-n ,sulph, tub ,kali- c ,iod ,syph ,merc, caust,lyssinum come under 1 mk
Moreover about the drivers wht is the exact feeling if she feels sopit has fallen on her shge needs to bath may b a part of disorder but wht it makes her feel sje can go in arsenic too.

There are many more medicine's other than  syphilinum which can be thought of :

MIND - WASHING - desire to wash - hands; always washing her
allox. ars. carc. coca cur. Lac-c. Med. merc. nat-m. Nat-sil. Oscilloc. plat. psor. sanguis-s. sep. sil. Sulph. Syph. thuj. tub.

But in my opinion there is need of much more information as :

1. She is suffering from this problem since how long?

2. Is there any history of supressed emotions ?

3. History of her child hood .

4. History of her relations with Parents, Family members, Friends. and many more mental symptoms including dreams and physical generals.


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