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Hello everyone...I am still a beginner and I am just dealing with a depressed Nat-m case . After few days of the remedy there are flactuations in the mood happening without any physical changes yet...feel bad in the morning and much better at the night and sometimes it's good all the day..and sometimes just neutral.
I wonder when Nat-m is able to cry after the remedy..does it take too much time like months or only few weeks ? . My patient hasn't cried yet and feel no tendeny for it though before the remedy there was a little tendeny but was resisted by the patient.

Is crying a must thing to see when curing Nat-m ? and If it doesn't happen, does this mean we are wrong ?

I've started with 200C since depression and lack of energy was the chief complaint beside other physical ones like hair loss and binge eating and constipation..

Thank you.

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Thank you for your valuable comments. During prescribing Nat. mur. it is better to advice the patient to avoid raw table salt so as to have better action of Nat. mur.

Dr. M. Ahmed
I once read a case where the patient had been unable to cry & express grief for many years after a family death. Nat Mur 200c did not help. I think that the potency eventually given was 6c, which achieved this result.

As a student, I did clinic hours with another practitioner, who always told patients that they would probably cry a lot after Nat Mur, or Ignatia. I don't know whether this happened in fact. I think the reaction depends on the state of the patient at that moment in time.

I believe that a correct remedy "clears the fog" of the emotional block in a subtle way, and the patient suddenly finds the correct means to help themselves, e.g. a lady who was then able to tell her workmates what she really thought of them, & applied for and got a much better job.
Nat Mur should be a good opener in such cases, but watch for a more correct remedy whether there is more open communication after Nat Mur, or not. Find the original event which preceded the condition, & the ongoing sensation/delusion.
Dear Hani,

A lot of important information information has been shared ealier.

But What I want to add is practicality to your case. See many remedies have depresssion and lack of enerygy, hair loss is not a very authentic symptom. However to hit the right remedy it is very important to look at the causation, Nat Mur depression will almost always be from Grief , Suppressed Grief.
But It might be difficult for us to make out so what I would do is try to look at some key physical symptoms of Nat Mur and see if she has any. We have read many times about Nat Mur, some cases also very intoverted and never open up, some are totally open , even more than one can expect and share all the grief they had .

So what I normally look for is when the mentals are close but I cant deceide a remedy I will look for a few key symptoms.

Does the patient crave salt?
Is he Hot?
Does she have aggravation after eating?
Does the patient appear to have water retention?
Does the person hate sympathy?

See I know these symptoms are not necessary in all Nat Mur, but sometimes only one of them is so strong that you are sure that no other remedy is indicated here. For example one case I remember a child did not show any suppressed grief or any depression or lack of physical energy but used to hate any love or sympathy , she would violently cry and scream if loved , a single dose of nat mur 1m , cured her forever.

Remeber in practise never underestimate the power of some key physical symptoms, learning the mental symptoms and prescribing on them becomes very difficult at times, so a succesful homeopath always keeps a balance and uses key symptoms to prescribe.

I hope this helps


Thank you Balal...that was very helpful.


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